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Three Movies to Inspire Toward Healthy Change

healthy changeIt’s interesting to imagine the transformation of movies since silent films first came out in the early 20th Century.

Films have become so much more than entertainment, though even documentaries have elements of entertainment in them.

Nowadays, movies are used in so many different ways, and documentaries are often the real-life look we need into a different life in order for us to learn more about ourselves and our needs, and inspire healthy change.

Here are a few great films that have a unique perspective on health.  Read the full article…»

Managing Addiction to Live Your Best Life

alcohol addictionMost of us desire to live the healthiest lives possible, but sometimes crippling addictions can get in the way of achieving optimum health.

You may be interested in changing your diet and exercising more, but if you’re struggling with a substance abuse addiction, it may be impossible to eat healthy and exercise until your addiction is under control.

Advanced Health and Education can help you learn some ways to cope with and manage addiction in your everyday life, so you can live the best life possible.

Here are a few ways to manage addiction:   Read the full article…»

Happy in Your Own Skin: Comfortable Outfits That Slim You

slimDark colors are slimming, but who wants to wear these gloomy colors day after day?

Fortunately, the prowess of slimming outfits lies in the design – not the hue.

Your clothes should celebrate your body, no matter the size or shape, and the right pieces will create smooth lines and a slim silhouette that will boost your confidence.

If you’re tired of seeing those bumps and lumps whenever you dress to go out, there are some things you can do to streamline your silhouette.

Eating right and exercising will help you to shrink those problem areas. But in the meantime, check out the following outfit suggestions to make your trouble areas vanish – instantly.  Read the full article…»

Plus-Size Trends: Fashions to Accentuate Your Lucious Curves

curvy womenIf you are lucky enough to have natural, luscious curves, don’t you dare hide them under bulky or baggy clothing!

Many women are unsure of how to accentuate their curves, so they wear oversized clothing in an attempt to hide them.

Hide no longer! Here are a few beautiful fashion plus-size trends that look wonderful on those with natural curves!

Read the full article…»

Wedding Ideas for Planning a Fabulous Last-Minute Wedding

wedding tipsThe beauty of organizing a wedding at short notice is that you can retain your initial excitement without it turning into worry and stress.

Some couples spend years planning their big day, which can mean a build-up of expectations.

If you prefer to go with the flow when it comes to your wedding, a last-minute celebration could be the ideal way to ensure the focus is on the meaning of the day, rather than meticulous attention to detail.

Keep reading for some ideas for small weddings at short notice.

Read the full article…»

Valentine’s Day, Kissing Tips and Much More

Love adviceValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air.

Opinions about Valentine’s Day definitely differ. 

Some people love it, like Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts.

Others hate it, like Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher and Carrie Underwood.

They say they are not anti-romantic or anything, but there should be a Valentine’s Day every day. Read the full article…»

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Can not Miss

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is right around the corner and we always try to find some Valentines Day gift ideas that are romantic, unique and fairly inexpensive.

While giving a box of chocolates or a teddy bear is so cliche, what would be that perfect gift for him or her that will be very special and create some great memories?

I digged into some websites and on-line stores and found quite a few interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make it absolutely remarkable and unforgettable!

Here they are:  Read the full article…»

Save Your Marriage: Six Steps to Setting Off a Loving Chain Reaction

save your marriageWhen a married couple begins having relationship trouble, they usually turn to counseling as a first line of defense against divorce.

Although couples counseling can certainly help repair a rocky union, recent studies suggest that relationships improve even when just one spouse seeks out professional help.

Beyond that, experts have found that couples tend to fare better when the wife attends marriage therapy sessions alone.  Read the full article…»

4 Sensational & Deeply Concealed Money Making Secrets of Highly Successful People

successful peopleWhat are the things that can actually make you rich & successful?

It can be a good education, great job and contacts with people from high-class.

But wait, there is something, perhaps, we are missing, – and that is your ATTITUDE.

It is a fact that rich people have opposite views to that of middle-class people.

Money is considered bad by people from middle-class, but rich people see this evil as an opportunity to freedom.

So, basically it is your attitude that made wealthy people rich. Still didn’t get it?

Well! Check out these money making secrets below to become rich & successful by using your attitude as a key player.  Read the full article…»

Classic Money Saving Tips That Are Commonly Ignored

save moneySaving money often seems like an unreachable goal, because no matter how hard you try to squeeze money from your budget, there is no way to put aside some extra cash with this purpose in mind.

Nonetheless, there are some classic money saving tips that are usually ignored or forgotten, but that can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to seeing your savings grow.

Money Saving Tips #1. Cash is Still Valuable

In a world where plastic money has taken over, cash is still king when it comes to paying your expenses with it.

Credit card payments make things costly due to interest rate and annual fees you pay when using this payment method. Read the full article…»

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