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3 Health Benefits of Body Cleansing Diet

health benefitsBody Cleansing diets became really popular in the past decade.

People looking to increase energy, achieve weight loss, and generally improve their health have found amazing results with dietary changes like low carb eating and healthy body cleansing methods.  

Here are a few Health Benefits of Body Cleansing Diet:

1. Get Rid of Body Toxins

The environment in which we live is full of toxic substances which bombard the body. These toxins can be found in: 

• the air we breathe
• the food we eat
• the liquids we drink
• the products we use on our skin
• cleaning materials
• cooking methods
• and so much more

This constant attack increases the health risks a person suffers and can lead to a general feeling of lethargy, mental dullness, weight gain, metabolic imbalances, and many other conditions or symptoms.

The toxins affect a person on a cellular level, weakening the structure and health of every system within the body. By examining the eating and exercise habits of people, there are a few noticeable sources of nutritional deficiencies and excess which contribute to these issues as well.  

2. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

In order to succeed in any diet, developing healthy eating habits is crucial and very beneficial.

The western diet is full of toxic substances.  Gluten and casein, for example, are in most of our foods and they are well known allergens.  The proteins in gluten and casein are very large for our intestines to handle, so they often create micro-perforations, allowing food to enter the bloodstream.  

The body then launches an allergic response to try to eliminate what it considers foreign invaders.  Most of us think of an allergic response as someone breaking out in hives or not being able to breathe, but there are many other processes that go on inside the body when it’s trying to fight an intruder.  

Unfortunately, we are putting foods with gluten and casein into our system all of the time!  Pizza, hamburgers, quesadillas, crackers, sandwiches… So much of what we love is detrimental to our health.

Thus, introducing healthy eating habits into your daily routine will help to fight toxic substances in the most efficient way!

3. Health Benefits of Low Carb Eating 

There are several ways to eliminate unnecessary calories, but low carb eating would be one of your best bets.

In the typical Western diet, individuals consume far more calories in the form of sugars and carbohydrates than is recommended. This leads to weight gain, unhealthy cravings, and poor general health.

By eliminating the processed, high carbohydrate and sugar, a person will quickly notice a difference in the way they feel as well as a reduction in their weight as well.

A low carb eating combined with a cleansing program that provides the right nutritional support will enable a person to:

• reduce the stresses of internal and external forces
• normalize the functions of the body systems
• increase their energy levels
• achieve a higher level of general health and wellbeing

How Can Body Cleansing Diet Help Me?

Beginning a body cleansing diet will provide the body with the necessary support to eliminate the toxins which have built within the system and to reduce the negative reaction towards allergens.

This process will gradually remove toxic substances and by doing so, it increases the ability of the body to naturally heal and regenerate. For centuries, body cleansing diets have been utilized by every form of medicine and health care.

An important step in this process is to also provide the body with the right nutritional support. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and proteins are the building blocks of cellular structures and function. A body cleansing will permit the body to utilize the nutrients it is provided more effectively, contributing to general health.

In order to stay healthy for years to come:

1) do thorough research

2) talk to your doctor

3) transform your eating habits into healthy low carb eating habits

4) start with a body cleansing diet that fits your needs

and watch your health and energy improve!

What are your thoughts on low carb eating and body cleansing? 

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Article by Marcela de Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, focusing on health & wellness topics and specializing on alternative medicine.  She promotes body cleansing products on and blogs about life and internet marketing on her blog at


***Image Source:  Casey Serin

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