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3 Hot Latest Fashion Tips for Men

mens fashion trendsCurrent Men’s Fashion

Men who want to look stylish, always try to follow current men’s fashion trends to stay on the top of the game.

If you are looking for a few latest fashion tips for men – this article is for you!

Keeping yourself aware of the current men’s fashion trends not only keeps you relevant in the dating and social game, but it can also help you lead a happier and more relaxed lifestyle.

While not nearly as fast paced and ever changing as women’s fashion, men’s fashion has a way of staying mostly simple with a couple of tweaks and changes here and there.

Staying ahead of the curve isn’t that hard, and there are plenty of options available so that you’re not doing serious damage to your bank account. 

Here are 3 most popular men’s fashion trends to keep you looking young, sexy and stylish: 

1. Retro Look

Retro look is back, but I’m not talking about the retro 80s look, with the long hair and mesh shirts, but the more simple and upscale look that the hit TV show Mad Men has ushered in.

While it’s very possible to overdo this look and end up appearing like a time capsule or even worse, a know it all hipster, this is a very simple and clean look with a bit of retro throwback. 

A lot of popular designers are giving reboots to the 1960’s fashion lines, and while drawing inspiration from them they are adding modern flares and technology to the retro look.

The main components of this style are slim fitting (but not restrictively tight) clothing, sharp fitted suits and blazers, thin ties, vests and dress shoes with jeans. 

While not overly dressy on their own, when combined with too much from the same collection you can very easily look like a 1960’s mannequin.

It’s best to stick to one or two piece per outfit, just letting the trend of retro look showcase and not dominate.

2. Plaid

Plaid is in – boy, plaid is in.

Taking some cues from cowboys and surfers everywhere, plaid isn’t just for summer fun either – it’s making a gigantic splash in heavier weight clothing for fall and winter. 

A pretty casual type of clothing, you can’t go wrong with a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt.

Things to watch out for though are patterns that get too crazy or bring in colors that don’t go with your body type or personality.

If you ever feel in the weeds when buying plaid, ask the clerk for some assistance, or even better yet a trusted female friend with an eye for fashion.

3. The Semi-Prep Look

The semi-prep look is back, but in a much less threatening and stuffed shirt manner.

Men’s fashion is all about comfort and being laid back, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear that give away Budweiser shirt. 

The semi-prep look starts with very nice but casual shoes, boat shoes or loafers.

Then you add in chinos or nice khakis, and on top a polo or form fitting dress shirt – left untucked.

Think of what you would wear to a summer company picnic, or a school function that didn’t require a tie.

Blazers, scarfs, loosened neck ties with dress shirts and jeans, the semi-prep is all about combining something very proper with other very casual items. 

What are your latest fashion tips for men?

Are you staying on top of current men’s fashion?

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Article by Sharon Freeman

Sharon Freeman is a freelancer who writes about Australian Fashion Designers and Organic Fashion.

***Image Source: Paul Keller

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