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4 Reasons to Enter a Race, No Matter What Your Ability

running a raceHave you ever thought about entering a running race? It doesn’t have to be a serious, long-distance event.

There are more and more options available for the casual runner – events open to a broad spectrum from the committed five-times-a-week trainer to the wheelchair user with no previous experience of racing and the toddler that wants to run with a parent.

Here are four reasons why you should enter a race today: 

They Can be Fun!

There are races for everyone. Even if you think of running as a form of torture – something that you were forced to do at school and haven’t done again since – you’ll find that a run with inflatable obstacles, paint powder points or muddy ponds to wade through will begin to change your perspective. You’ll get some great photographs, too.

Training is Great for Your Mental Health

No matter what your level of physical ability, you’ll be able to enjoy not just the race but your training in the months before the event.

Pull on your running shoes, or take your wheelchair out onto the local streets, and put your body through its paces.

You’ll learn that you can break through your barriers, pushing yourself and achieving new things, and will enjoy a sense of exhilaration that comes from going a little faster than yesterday, or traveling a little further.

If you’re an ‘I can’t’ person, then you’ll see your attitude change to an ‘I can’ alternative, with that new positive outlook spreading to other parts of your life.

Being out on a run is also great for clearing your head. Enjoy the silence with time to think about your life, come up with answers to your problems and block out all of your daily worries, or turn your music up loud and experience the joy that comes from some time alone to listen to your favourite songs at maximum volume.

Everyone is a Winner!

Don’t feel that you have to be a super-fit athlete to achieve something notable. Many of the more casual races (and some of the bigger major ones) celebrate every achievement with a medal that you can take home.

There will be members of staff or volunteers that are there to support the very last person as they make their way around the course, and the crowds that gather to watch will make every runner feel like a star.

You can even further your achievement by asking family and friends to sponsor you, so that each step you take is doing good for someone else.

When You Enter a Race – You are Improving Your Health

You don’t need to be a genius to understand that being active is good for your health.

If you can’t run, jog. If you can’t jog, walk. If you can’t walk, wheel around or ask someone to push your wheelchair whilst you do a little dance in your seat.

Going at your own pace will provide you with an opportunity to improve your fitness, without relying on others for your success.

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