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5 Dumb Things You Do to Sabotage Your Longevity

longevity tips

Longevity Challenges

We have all been there, done that. Staying up late every night: computer, TV, finals, chat, etc.

Eating junk food, and lots of it, with no particular schedule… 

No exercise routine… Who’s got time for that?

Drinking until you can’t even remember where you were last night, what people you met and talked to and how you actually got home.

If you think you can do this lifestyle forever – think twice. 

The reality is going to hit you one day right in your head. You wake up one morning, look in the mirror and can not recognize that person in the mirror any more…

Who is that ugly overweight guy/gal with huge bags under eyes, thinning hair and terrible abdominal pain? Is that really me?…

What on earth have I been doing to myself? 

Here we go. Now you have come to your senses. Finally!!!

So, what’s next? What is the way to improve health, looks and life in general before it’s too late?

If you don’t know where to start – this article is written especially for you.

Here are 5 dumb things you do to sabotage the quality of your life, your health, your longevity, your relationships:

1. Never Seem to be Able to Lose Weight 

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Just FYI, extreme obesity can not only shorten your lifespan by 5-12 years but also can cost you a fortune in medications and various treatments.

Obesity is equal to early mortality. So may be it’s time to cut on calories and lose weight by doing the following:

1) Stop drinking your calories: sodas, juices, fancy coffee drinks

2) Be aware of the amount of food you are eating – limit your calorie intake

3) Stick with non-processed and organic foods

4) Take advantage of health nutritional supplements 

Some health vitamins and supplements will make up for the things that some diets won’t give you, like, for example, resveratrol and pure garcinia cambogia. 

Pure garcinia cambogia has had a lot of press for helping people lose wait and is quite a hot topic right now. It got incredible reviews on the Dr. Oz program and has had several favorable scientific studies done on its weight loss properties.

2. Never Have Time to Exercise

Yes, you do. You are just full of excuses. If you have time to play on the computer all night long or watch lots of TV or do too much of one thing, you have got the time for your  exercise regimen.

Find 15 minutes twice daily to take a walk or go for a run and mix it up with sit-ups, push-ups etc. Or just go to the gym if you have membership and do some cardio and lift weighting. The muscles you develop will increase your metabolism.

According to new studies, people who engage in some kind of moderate physical activity weekly have longer life expectancy by 3.5 years.

3. Never Have Time to Sleep

Well, it’s your choice if you want to be on Facebook till midnight, but according to WebMD it’s not ok if you do not get 7-8 hours of a good night sleep.

Sleep deprivation will affect every area of your life: your job, your relationship, your health, your memory and your daily performance. Not talking about the fact that drowsy driving can cause automobile crashes as well.

Sleep deprivation can mean a shorter life span. So, it’s up to you if you want to reduce your life expectancy by a few years.

4. Can’t Quit Drinking

If you really can not quit drinking alcohol, try to do it in moderation and stick with one drink a day only. Otherwise, get used to the idea of having liver problems in your nearest future.

German researchers found out that alcoholism can lower your life expectancy by as much as 20 years. Are you really ready to give up 2 decades of your life to drinking? Think about it.

5. Can’t Quit Smoking

Smoking is a really bad habit. Your life is being lived in short segments: from one cigarette to another. Every single day. That one cigarette that you smoke shortens your life expectancy by 11 minutes. According to Medical News Today, that translates onto 25 years(!) of life expectancy a typical smoker loses. Are you completely insane?

Think about limiting all your vices: smoking, drinking, drugs as well as fighting, speeding and unsafe sex.

Bottom Line: Longevity or Early Mortality?

The trick to leading a healthy lifestyle is not to be in self-denial or self-punishment, but making small changes in your life on a daily basis to a better and healthier life you can commit to and actually enjoy. That’s the only way to live a happier and healthier life and extend your longevity.

What other longevity tips would you add to our list? Please join our discussion.

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2 Responses to “5 Dumb Things You Do to Sabotage Your Longevity”

  1. Rori Says:

    We are all guilty of those things you mentioned above. My problems have always been bad eating habits and too much drinking at times but I am working on it. Thanks for your article.

  2. Elena Says:

    You are right Rori. We all have vices and the most important thing is to be able to acknowledge them. That’s the first step on the way to improvement. Thanks for stopping by!

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