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5 Ways to Save Money by Lowering Your Car Insurance

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The prices of car insurance policies are a pressing concern for every motorist today.

A low premium on auto insurance is something that everyone desires, but most simply accept what they are offered.

With a little effort and a little patience the truth is that almost every driver can get a cheaper car insurance. 

1. Get a Reasonable Car

Everyone wants to drive around in a fast, luxury sports car.

However, if this discribes you, then you can kiss a low auto insurance premium goodbye. 

Safety plays a huge factor in any car insurance quote and the simple fact is that sports cars are not safe: they have powerful engines which tempts drivers to drive at unsafe speeds.

In addition, when a sports car is involved in an accident, repairs and spare parts are expensive.

If you want to have a cheap car insurance premium then you will have to settle for something a little less exotic and more practical.

Something with a small engine that is cheap to repair is the ideal car for any insurance company. 

2. Keep the Car Stock

Some drivers are content with an average car, but they feel the need to personalize it with different modifications.

Custom rims, spoilers, side skirts, and body kits are typical conversions, especially by younger drivers, but they really should be avoided.

They are all considered to lower the overall integrity of the car and will attract higher auto insurance premiums.

Young, inexperienced drivers already have to deal with expensive car insurance policies and these type of modifications are sure way to make them even more expensive.

3. Keep the Car Safe
The likelihood of a car being stolen is a determining factor for a car insurance policy.

If you want to save money on auto insurance, take all the steps you can to make your car safer.

Keeping it locked up in a garage at night is ideal, but not an option for everyone.

In that case, safety devices such as an alarm, a steering lock and a GPS tracker will encourage an insurance company to provide you with a cheaper auto insurance quote.

Just make sure that all installations are done by a licensed professional, otherwise most companies will tend to ignore them. 

4. Take a Driving Course

Most insurance companies will offer you a discount on your car insurance if they see that you have taken a defensive driving course.

The one time fee for the course and the time it takes to finish the course will pay off very well in the long run.

In addition, if you learn to be a defensive driver, you are a lot less likely to find yourself in a life threatening car accident.

That alone is enough reason to take a defensive driving course.

Check your local phone book or the web to find current courses in your area.

5. Shop Around

This is a rule that applies to any new purchase.

Obviously, a driver should not be content with the first offer he is given, even if it is from an auto insurance company they have been using for years.

Car insurance is a very competitive market so insurance companies are always offering better services and readjusting their prices to grab the public’s attention.

In order to get the best results, a driver should get at least 5 quotes, preferably more, and select the one that has the best services for their particular situation.

If you live in California, a good website for comparing car insurance is cheap car insurance in California.

Getting a cheaper car insurance quote for your car is possible.

It might require some extra work, some sacrifices and some initial spending, but in the end you will definitely save money on a yearly basis.

What are your tips on how to save money?

Have you gotten the best deal on your auto insurance?

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