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6 Important Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer

breast cancer preventionBreast cancer is the most common cancer in women and 1 in every 8 women is likely to develop breast cancer during their lifetime.

It is thus, important to know the risk factors related to such a deadly thing and put efforts to prevent breast cancer.

Genetics may be one of the main risk factors of breast cancer, and this certainly cannot be prevented, but there are several other risk factors that can be prevented.

If you or any of your loved ones is suffering from this type of cancer, you may be worried about the preventive measures.

Healthy lifestyle and adequate exercise can help in preventing any type of cancer.

Following are some points discussed that can help prevent breast cancer.

6 Important Steps to Prevent Breast Cancer:

Give Up Alcohol or Drink in Moderation

Drinking alcohol can be a risk factor for various types of cancers, including breast cancer.

healthy lifestyleSo if you drink alcohol, you are at a higher risk to develop breast cancer.

However, if you drink less than 2 drinks daily the risk is lower than women drinking 4-5 drinks a day. Narconon rehab center can help cut back or quit the consumption of alcohol completely.

So, if you cannot cut down completely on alcohol, you should at least give up the excessive consumption.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Obesity is a great risk factor for breast cancer.

Studies reflect that women with a BMI of more than 25, during their midlife are likely to develop it.

Thus, maintaining a healthy weight and appropriate BMI can prevent cancer of the breast.

Physical Activity

Healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and adequate physical activity helps in improving body’s immune system and help fight against various infections and disorders.

Many research studies reveal that women habitual of regular exercise have powerful protection against cancer of the breast.

Exercises such as aerobics, brisk walking and swimming should be done for 30 min every day to keep the body fit and healthy.

Consistent exercise is a key preventive measure for breast cancer.

Diet Rich in Vegetables and Fruits

cancer prevention dietOne should consume healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Around 5-6 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits can prove to be vital part of a cancer prevention diet.

To prevent breast cancer include vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and collards.

Citrus fruits such as cherries and berries should be included in the diet too.

Discontinue/Avoid Hormone Therapy

Prolonged hormone therapies and breast cancer has a proven connection.

Hormonal replacement therapies thus, should be avoided completely or if you are undergoing such therapy, discontinue the same to prevent breast cancer.

If you need to take hormone therapy, it is recommended that you consult your health care physician to discuss the risk factors and probable outcome.

Consider Having Children Early

Having children after mid-thirties or later is likely to trigger breast cancer development in women.

So, considering having children earlier can prevent the cancer.

Also, breast feeding lowers the risk of breast cancer, so instead of formula feeding, nursing women should prefer breast feeding.

Above discussed are some of the common risk factors for breast cancer.

hormone therapyThus, avoiding these risk factors can lower a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer.

Nevertheless, if genetics is a risk factor for any woman, she should regularly get mammogram done.

Although, getting a mammogram done cannot prevent onset of cancer, but can certainly help in early and prompt diagnosis.

What do you do to prevent breast cancer?


Author Bio

I’m Caren Lee and I’m studying on various types of cancer and one of my specialization is in breast cancer.

I write about various cancers and their causes, symptoms, treatments etc, that help people in getting adequate knowledge about the disease. For more detail read on breast cancer prevention.

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