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7 Top Tips for Healthy Eating the Right Way

healthy eating dietNeed more reasons to stick with your healthy eating routine?

How about the latest exciting health news on preventing heart disease?

99 percent of heart disease can be prevented by just maintaining a healthy lifestyle and sticking with a healthy eating diet?

So, how do we do that?

Check out these 7 Effective Tips for Healthy Eating: 

1. Never Skip Your Breakfast

Multiple researches show that people are more likely to be successful in their diets if they eat breakfast on a regular basis.

Start your day with a bowl of oatmeal or cold whole grain cereal low on sugar and high on fiber.

2. Plan Your Lunch and Dinner Plate

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In order to have a well-balanced meal for lunch and dinner which are the biggest meals of the day, learn how to plan you plate and stick with it.

You should always have the following healthy eating ingredients on your plate:

1. 1/4 source of lean protein (white meat chicken or turkey, black beans, fish, eggs, sunflower seeds).

Lean protein is one of the most important parts of healthy eating diet which helps to feel full and can definitely help to prevent overeating.

2. 1/4 whole grains (wild rice, corn, whole oats, popcorn, buckwheat etc.)

Whole grains have more fiber and nutrients than refined grains.

3. 1/2 colorful mix of vegetables or fruits (red, yellow, orange, dark green) to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs.

healthy eating dietAccording to Harvard School of Public Health, everyone who is following healthy eating diet should have 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day equal to approximately 4,5 cups. That does not include potatoes.

The best vegetables to pick: spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, beets etc.

At least once or twice a week eat some soup packed with veggies for lunch and you have chances to consume fewer calories and get the best deal for your caloric buck.

3. Stick with Healthy Drinks

There are definitely a lot of options for what to drink these days and many of them sound healthy, but don’t deceive yourself.

The best way to quench your thirst is water – easy to find anywhere and calorie free.

Soft drinks are the worst choice: loaded with sugar and have absolutely no other nutrients.

Other healthy drinks would be unsweetened tea or coffee, 1-2 glasses of low fat milk and a glass of juice a day.

4. Pack Your Own Healthy Lunch and Snacks

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Practice portion controlled lunches.

For healthy lunches around 200 calories pick roast beef, cheese and lettuce wrap or chicken-spinach-goat cheese salad with a few berries and pecans.

You will still feel satisfied, but can easily shed off pounds by cutting 250-300 calories from your lunch.

For healthy snacks, choose hummus and carrots, an apple or non fat cottage cheese.

5. Practice Healthy Sleeping Habits

Practicing healthy sleeping habits is crucial to your diet.

Try to always get 7-8 hours of healthy sleep.

Recent studies show that when we are tired, we tend to pack on pounds to compensate for the lack of sleep. 

6. Get Yourself a Healthy Treat Daily

Yes, that’s right! It won’t hurt your diet as long as you pick a snack under 150 calories like a couple of squares of dark chocolate or dried fruit or small skim latte.

7. Keep Healthy Eating Log 

Write down everything you eat, at least for the first month, which will help to shed punds.

There are so many weight loss tracking websites and phone apps these days, that can make your job of tracking and reducing calories very easy.

Just to mention a few:, or Food and Fitness planner.

Step on the scale at least a couple of times a week to keep track of your progress.

Bottom line: healthy lifestyle starts on your plate.

Whatever you do, the goal is to stick with your healthy eating diet not just to stay slim, but also to stay healthy and happy for years to come. 

Hope these tips for healthy eating will help you to get back on track and take care of your health the right way!

How do you incorporate your healthy eating diet into your daily routine?

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One Response to “7 Top Tips for Healthy Eating the Right Way”

  1. Katie Says:

    I try to follow most of the tips mentioned in your article above. In order to add more variety, once can include green tea for the antioxidants that it contains. It also helps relieve stress. Another idea to stay away from fried and unhealthy snacking when going for a party or a wedding is to eat your favorite homemade healthy and tasty snacks at home before leaving. You’ll feel full and not tempted to eat what you wish to avoid.

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