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healthy lifestyle blogHello, I am Elena Lee.

Welcome to Happy-Healthy-Successful!

H-H-S is a website dedicated to providing people with optimistic outlook on life with tips on how to be a happy, healthy, successful and accomplished person!

The mission of our website is to create a community of positive and optimistic people who are interested in:

1) continuos personal growth & success

2) creating a life with less stress & no debt

3) excellent health at any age

4) more time for you and your family

to achieve your best life & enjoy more with less.

We promise to deliver the most informative and helpful articles on how to live this amazing & exciting life you never thought you could have by utilizing these helpful tips on:

1) how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine

2) learn crucial steps to become successful in personal finance

3) dating and relationship tips to achieve a long-lasting successful relationship and so much more!

I hope information found on Happy-Healthy-Successful inspires and motivates you to go out and be creative & successful and work towards achieving your most incredible, challenging & ambitious goals.

You Are the Master of Your Own Destiny!

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What Makes Me an Expert in All This?

1. I love to learn and help others in need

2. Financially successful for the past 25 years

3. Have a successful marriage

4. I have Master’s Degree in Linguistics (speak 5 languages) and traveled extensively to many countries of the world: Russia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Poland, Bahamas, USA, Canada, Ukraine and many more

5. Raised a wonderful child who is multilingual like me

6. Optimistic and positive – no matter what!

Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a fabulous day!

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