Latest Research on Immortality: Is it Myth or Reality?

ImmortalitySince the dawn of time people have been trying to find the Fountain of Youth: discover the secrets of anti aging to look young and stay healthy forever.

As a matter of fact, people’s efforts to extend human life and fight aging date as far back as 3500 B.C.

Immortality has always had such an enigmatic appeal to people of different nations and nationalities.

Throughout the centuries famous people like Ponce de Leon, Spanish explorer who discovered Florida and was a governor of Puerto Rico, Alexander the Great, a king of Macedon, and many others were looking for the Fountain of Youth that would provide rejuvenation and possibilities for eternal life.

In the 20th century there have been a lot of incredible inventions and discoveries that changed the face of Earth and human life forever.

Here are just a few to mention: radio, phone, the automobile,  television, nuclear power, personal computer, the Internet, the airplane, rocketry, antibiotics etc.

Now living in the 21st century, the age of the latest technologies, are we getting any closer to discovering the secret of immortality?

There have been a few scientific approaches to immortality in the recent years that are quite interesting, promising and shocking at the same time.  Read the full article…»

FDA Warns of Mercury in Some Anti Aging Products

anti-aging productsConsumers often believe that if something is for sale, it is safe to use. However, this is unfortunately not always the case.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a consumer alert warning of the presence of poisonous mercury in some cosmetic and anti aging products found in the United States.

Mercury has a range of very serious health consequences for people that come in contact with it.

Anti Aging Products Effected With Mercury

The products contaminated with mercury have all been made in other countries.

They are being marketed as anti-aging products, skin lightening or bleaching creams, beauty or antiseptic soaps. Read the full article…»

An Amazing Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Begins With an Amazing Surgeon

tummy tuckAlthough traditionally more men than women have opted for an abdominoplasty, both men and women typically undergo the surgery as a last resort to help get their abdomens into shape.

Also commonly referred to as a “tummy tuck,” undergoing this type of procedure is a truly personal and private decision, the results of which can change patients’ lives forever.

While the surgeon does most of the work, the abdominoplasty procedure begins with patient education.

Good Abdominoplasty Results Begin with Great Education

Surgical centers that specialize in performing plastic surgery typically employ at least one plastic surgeon who has earned certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Why does this matter?  Read the full article…»

5 Dumb Things You Do to Sabotage Your Longevity

longevity tips

Longevity Challenges

We have all been there, done that. Staying up late every night: computer, TV, finals, chat, etc.

Eating junk food, and lots of it, with no particular schedule… 

No exercise routine… Who’s got time for that?

Drinking until you can’t even remember where you were last night, what people you met and talked to and how you actually got home.

If you think you can do this lifestyle forever – think twice. 

The reality is going to hit you one day right in your head. You wake up one morning, look in the mirror and can not recognize that person in the mirror any more…

Who is that ugly overweight guy/gal with huge bags under eyes, thinning hair and terrible abdominal pain? Is that really me?…

What on earth have I been doing to myself?  Read the full article…»

Look Fabulous: Home Beauty Tips for Modern Women

look fabulousSimple Home Beauty Tips to Make You Feel Pampered

I have found that I always feel the most renewed, refreshed and beautiful after returning from a vacation, a good night out or even a trip to the spa or salon.

Though I know the reasons why: good products, relaxation, pampering and a good setting; it really is not always possible to get to such places all the time.

This is why it is important to know how to get some of those same results at home by using a few home beauty tips I have used throughout the years for when I need to give myself a little boost of self-confidence.  Read the full article…»

5 Fun Ways to Reverse Aging

how to prevent agingWhen people think of aging, they think in terms of numbers.

Every year is another year of getting older, and so people look at the clock and fear what the next number will bring; search for magic anti aging tips that will turn the clock back.

But it is not really getting older that most people are worried about.

The true fear is the symptoms and signs of aging.

It is what aging “means” in terms of what it does to you, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

With that in mind, it’s possible to reverse aging without attempting to actually get any younger.

Here is How to Prevent Aging – the Fun Way:  Read the full article…»

Healthy Aging: 8 Things To Know About Liposuction

liposuction factsSearching for some tips on healthy aging? Especially, on healthy ways to get rid of the fatty tissue?

Recently, I have posted a great article with “Top 10 Anti Aging Tips on How to Stay Young Longer”.

The traditional diet and workout method is still effective but some people might consider it slow.

People tend to lose patience and give up when results fail to show in a reasonable amount of time.

Liposuction manages to provide a surgical solution to remove the extra fat in a single session.

However, a question still remains to be answered: is liposuction healthy or not?

Here are a few liposuction facts:  Read the full article…»

8 Steps You Can Take Today to Fight the Aging Process

agingHave you been searching for tips on how to fight aging, stay active, keep you mind sharp and boost your vitality?

You came to the right place.

This article and this whole website is your guide to happy living and healthy aging which means to live healthier longer.

“Sixty is the new forty.”

Don’t you just love believing that?

But the truth of the matter is that how you age is only partly linked to genetics and modern medicine—the rest of it is up to you.

If you want to remain healthy, fit and active as you grow older, there are steps you can start taking right now—today!—that will make a difference.  Read the full article…»

Top 10 Anti Aging Tips on How to Stay Young Longer

anti aging tips

Searching for some simple and effective anti aging tips on how to stay young longer?

Many of us would be thrilled to find out that magic formula on how to slow down the aging process and, especially, on how to look younger for many years to come.

However, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Discover how to age gracefully with these top 10 anti aging tips:

Anti Aging Tips #1. Rest Well and Often

During sleep, your body rejuvenates and restores itself. Getting ample rest leads to a healthy, well-rested, youthful look.  Read the full article…»

Three Healthy Ways to Rehydrate Your Skin

Dehydrated SkinDo you have a dull and dry skin that feels tight and painful?

You can spend thousands of dollars on beauty products, stick to a strict organic skincare regime and do yoga every morning – but you will still get bad skin if you are dehydrated.

Water keeps toxins flushing on out of your body, and it also helps carry nutrients to wherever they are needed.

We all saw those adverts telling us to drink 8 glasses of water a day, and perhaps, felt a bit bored at the thought of doing it.

Luckily, Read the full article…»

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