Best YouTube Videos: Adele’s Incredible Song “Skyfall”

best youtube videosI have not updated my “Best YouTube Videos” category for a while, so I decided to find something really cool.

If you have not heard Adele’s new amazing song called “Skyfall”, you definitely need to check it out.

Skyfall is an official theme song to the new James Bond movie of the same title.

Skyfall’s New York’s premier took place on November 5, 2012.

This song is absolutely incredible! It immediately became one of my favorite. Her voice is beautiful and deep and passion she is singing with is remarkable.

If you like to sing her songs along, there are lyrics included in this YouTube Video.  Enjoy!  Read the full article…»

Funny Youtube Videos: Hilarious Commercials

Do you want to re-energize yourself?

Smile and laugh more!

When I feel down and running low on energy, I like to check out Funny YouTube Videos.

A good laugh is always guaranteed.

Laughter is the human gift for coping with everyday life and survival.

It makes us feel better and see things more clearly.

These commercials are absolutely hilarious. Read the full article…»

Funny YouTube Videos: Talking Sex Robot Sensation

Relationship TipsThere are a lot of FunnyYouTube Videos on the Internet.

This YouTube Video is quite shocking and funny at the same time.

It is about the first talking sex robot.

This robotic girlfriend comes complete with artificial intelligence aka laptop attached to her back and has got 5 personalities to choose from.

It is 5’7″ tall and weighs 120 pounds (!). It must be that laptop that is so heavy!

The doll’s features like hair color, breast size, race etc. can be customized by clients.  Read the full article…»

YouTube Video About Sex in the Ancient World

I found a really great informational video from the History Channel YouTube.

If you are interested in finding out about what love and sex life used to be like in famous Pompei over a thousand years ago, please check out this shocking Video.

It reveals the facts that there was widespread sexual slavery and prostitution in Pompei at that time. Read the full article…»

Most Original Marriage Proposals

A marriage proposal is one of the happiest memories in life, and there are definitely a lot of romantic and original ways to propose.

One of my co-workers, for example, proposed to his girlfriend of 7 years on an airplane during their flight to her parents.  Read the full article…»

Funny YouTube Video

I just wanted to wish a happy Monday to my readers.

In order to start your week on positive and happy note, please check out this cute and funny YouTube Video.

This video has had almost 8 million views on YouTube and was definitely liked by a lot of people.  Read the full article…»

The Most Inspirational Video

I was looking for an inspirational and motivational video on YouTube and came across this video that seems to fit the best the theme of my site – Happiness, Health and Success.

Very touching video and give us the message to never give up.

Never depend on the circumstances, but make the circumstances work for you the best possible way.

If you want to succeed – there is always a way to do it! Enjoy! Read the full article…»

Dave Ramsey’s Video on How to Achieve Financial Success

This is a great motivational video on personal financial planning and achieving financial success in life according to Dave Ramsey.

Very simple and right to the point.

I find his financial tips on personal budgeting very valuable. Read the full article…»

Motivational Video “Secret to Success”

Having a desire for success?

Do you think you already put 100%, but something does not quite work for you?

Please watch this fabulous YouTube Video that is pure wisdom, has impeccable logic and makes a lot of sense!

This is one of the most powerful things I have ever heard.

If you watch it, it literally can change you life in 5 minutes! 

This is a great message, especially for younger generation! Enjoy!

Funny and Motivational Videos:

Funniest Commercials Ever

These are some outrageously funny commercials on YouTube!

The one I liked the most was with the woman by the vending machine.

It’s absolutely hilarious!


Read the full article…»

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