How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

keep brain healthy

Every part of our lives is controlled by our brain activity.

From our seemingly automatic functions like breathing and our heartbeats to our emotions, how we move and how well we are able to think and process information – it all comes back to the brain.

This is why it is imperative that we take good care of our brains as well as the bodies that house them.

For some people, this is a literal instruction. People who have suffered from tumors, cancer, strokes, aneurysms, etc.

For people who suffer from these problems, treatment often only exacerbates the problem. 

Dr. Hrayr Shahinian, a surgeon renowned by the Skull Base Institute, says that old school techniques that have been hard wired into doctors as “the only way to go” can prevent physicians and surgeons from treating patients in the best manner possible.

Of course, the best way to treat brain ailments is to do your best to keep them from happening in the first place (which, believe it or not, is sometimes something you can control) and that means keeping your brain as healthy as possible.

Here are some tips for how to do that:  Read the full article…»

The Importance of Respecting your Healthcare Team

healthcare teamBeing sick or caring for someone who has a long-term sickness is very stressful.

No matter how hard you try – it has an effect on your personality.

Long-term sickness, pain and discomfort, or the stress of looking after someone else, can make even the calmest, most tranquil person, intolerant and even aggressive. 

We all try not to let this happen, but it is evident that not all of us are able to do so. This is reflected in the way people are treating the healthcare workers who look after them. 

Across the world, hospital and clinical staff are increasingly experiencing more physical and verbal attacks by patients.  Read the full article…»

4 Reasons to Enter a Race, No Matter What Your Ability

running a raceHave you ever thought about entering a running race? It doesn’t have to be a serious, long-distance event.

There are more and more options available for the casual runner – events open to a broad spectrum from the committed five-times-a-week trainer to the wheelchair user with no previous experience of racing and the toddler that wants to run with a parent.

Here are four reasons why you should enter a race today:  Read the full article…»

Five Simple Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

safetyPeople drive the whole year round and each season has its own array of dangers when it comes to the roads. In the winter you are faced with ice and snow. In the summer, you are faced with more travelers, severe storms, and even motorcycles.

While there are many side safety tips you need to know before you hit the road–like how looking twice can save a life–there are a few things that you may take for granted and not even think about when it comes to driving.

Some of these things you may just do out of habit, and some of them you may be forgetting. So here is a reminder of some of the most important basic safety tips when it comes to driving. Don’t forget to be aware, at all times, of what you are doing. It could save a life, including yours.  Read the full article…»

Latest Research on Immortality: Is it Myth or Reality?

ImmortalitySince the dawn of time people have been trying to find the Fountain of Youth: discover the secrets of anti aging to look young and stay healthy forever.

As a matter of fact, people’s efforts to extend human life and fight aging date as far back as 3500 B.C.

Immortality has always had such an enigmatic appeal to people of different nations and nationalities.

Throughout the centuries famous people like Ponce de Leon, Spanish explorer who discovered Florida and was a governor of Puerto Rico, Alexander the Great, a king of Macedon, and many others were looking for the Fountain of Youth that would provide rejuvenation and possibilities for eternal life.

In the 20th century there have been a lot of incredible inventions and discoveries that changed the face of Earth and human life forever.

Here are just a few to mention: radio, phone, the automobile,  television, nuclear power, personal computer, the Internet, the airplane, rocketry, antibiotics etc.

Now living in the 21st century, the age of the latest technologies, are we getting any closer to discovering the secret of immortality?

There have been a few scientific approaches to immortality in the recent years that are quite interesting, promising and shocking at the same time.  Read the full article…»

Do You Have the Courage to Take Control of Your Life?

take control of your lifeFor many of us, just getting through the day can be hard.

As for controlling our own lives, that can seem like an impossibility. If you do not control your own life, however, who does?

Does giving someone else the power over you really make you a happier person?

It happens that some individuals hand over the power to control their lives to other people causing it to be in constant turmoil.

It is only now that they are starting to look for ways to take that power back.

After all, sometimes all it takes is one small step every day, and you may soon find yourself living the life you always wanted.  Read the full article…»

How a Retirement Home Can Inspire a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

retirement communityWhat defines a retirement community as truly active?

What amenities, activities and events will inspire its inhabitants to get on their feet and get moving?

Being active is one of the essentials for living a happy, healthy life in a retirement home.

If you are looking at potential locations for your elderly loved ones, you’ll want to cross check the communities that turn up during your research with the information provided in this article.

Your research starts here.  Read the full article…»

Fruits: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing When Juicing?

JuicingAre all fruits created equally? Can you have too much of a good thing? Which fruits are best? Let’s find out.

Fruits, generally, are good for you. But not all fruits are created equal.

While some have huge health benefits, others don’t pack quite the nutrient punch you might imagine.

Some are higher in calories and sugar but contain lots of nutrients, others are lower in sugars but also less rich in vitamins and minerals.

The nutrients, vitamins, sugars and calories in fruits differ hugely.

Here we have taken a look at five fruits that you should include in your juicing diet – but which should always be consumed in moderation.  Read the full article…»

3 Effective Medication Management Tips For The Elderly

medication management tipsSeniors on medications may bug you.

While it may seem that seniors pop pills morning, noon, and night, it is no laughing matter.

The number of medications required by some elderly has been increasing at a mind-boggling rate in recent years.

And the serious side of this increased use of medication is the risk of mismanagement.

This can result in consequences ranging from ineffectiveness to, in the most damaging scenarios, loss of life.

The Hospitalist mentions that more than two-third of hospitalized seniors had an adverse effect as a result of drug intake over a four-year period.

This heavy of medication officially known as Polypharmacy in medical circles.

44% of men and 57% of women above 65 take 5 or more medications a week: nearly 12% of both genders take 10 or more pills per week.

In addition, as older adults metabolize and respond to common medications differently than their younger selves, they are more susceptible to variety of additional problems from their medications, informs an article published in American Nurse Today.

What can you do to help elderly manage medications effectively?

Besides overseeing some of the common mistakes, such as overdosing and taking incorrect drugs, consider the following medication management tips to be proactive about the medications your loved ones are taking:  Read the full article…»

Self-Care: Healthy Habits to Get You Past Your Divorce Unscathed

after divorce

Regrettably, you’ve just realized that you’re getting a divorce. It’s finally sinking in. You have a choice.

You can speed through the classical steps or you can become a victim of them.

1. Most people start out in denial.

You have probably already been there. You didn’t want to believe it was over.

2. The next step most people experience is shock.

They’re shocked that they could ever be in this situation. Some people panic.

Others fly into a rage. Some people go emotionally numb and don’t feel anything.

During this stage, it doesn’t ever feel like you’ll come out of it alive.

3. The next phase is a roller-coaster ride.

You can’t seem to settle your feelings and thoughts. You swing from being hopeful to being utterly destroyed by your ex.  Read the full article…»

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