How to Save Money for Your Dream Home

save moneyThere is a beautiful saying by Robert Montgomery: “A house is made of walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams”.

It really does take a lot of dreams and love, great excitement and effort, as well as many sacrifices to save money, in order to achieve a wonderful goal of having your own dream home.

If you are still debating deep in your heart and trying to weigh all pros and cons of buying versus renting, you will find the answer in your heart.

In spite of the uncertainty of the current housing market and fewer loan options for home buyers, we all well know that there are a lot of great benefits of owning a home and just to name a few:  Read the full article…»

Investing in Your Future: Do It the Right Way

InvestingNo matter how much money we make, we always find excuses not to save any money and not to start investing.

You can look for another excuse not to do it or you can simply find the way, even while earning a very modest income. 

I started investing my hard-earned money when I was making only 15,000/year working as a cashier at a Wal-Mart store many years ago.

The company was offering 15% match on any amount invested by employees in Wal-Mart stock. At that time I did not know anything about the stock market, how it works and what it could offer.

However, I decided to invest $200/month and the company would give me $30 worth of Wal-Mart stock for my contribution. It seemed like a great decision to start investing in my future.  Read the full article…»

Reduce Your Personal Debt: Fast and Easy Ways to Get Out of the Red

personal debtYou are in way over your head.

You should never have gone into this much personal debt, but here you are.

This is no time to despair, and it does no good to sit and beat yourself up over it.

What you need is a solution.

Fortunately, getting out of personal debt isn’t as difficult as it sounds – at least not logistically.

You just need a plan and the commitment to follow through on it.  Read the full article…»

Minor Adjustments: Habits that Help You Stay Financially Healthy

save moneyIt’s easy to think that cutting back a few dollars here and there won’t have a significant impact on your savings.

However, over time, small decreases in spending, as well as wise investments, can help you save a significant amount of money.

If you save just a dollar a day, you’ll have $365 extra at the end of the year to spend on clothing, meals during a vacation, or donate to charity.

Here are a few small but significant ways you can cut back on spending without sacrificing your quality of life or the things you love to stay financially healthy for a long run.  Read the full article…»

4 Sensational & Deeply Concealed Money Making Secrets of Highly Successful People

successful peopleWhat are the things that can actually make you rich & successful?

It can be a good education, great job and contacts with people from high-class.

But wait, there is something, perhaps, we are missing, – and that is your ATTITUDE.

It is a fact that rich people have opposite views to that of middle-class people.

Money is considered bad by people from middle-class, but rich people see this evil as an opportunity to freedom.

So, basically it is your attitude that made wealthy people rich. Still didn’t get it?

Well! Check out these money making secrets below to become rich & successful by using your attitude as a key player.  Read the full article…»

Classic Money Saving Tips That Are Commonly Ignored

save moneySaving money often seems like an unreachable goal, because no matter how hard you try to squeeze money from your budget, there is no way to put aside some extra cash with this purpose in mind.

Nonetheless, there are some classic money saving tips that are usually ignored or forgotten, but that can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to seeing your savings grow.

Money Saving Tips #1. Cash is Still Valuable

In a world where plastic money has taken over, cash is still king when it comes to paying your expenses with it.

Credit card payments make things costly due to interest rate and annual fees you pay when using this payment method. Read the full article…»

Doctor Internet: Why the Web Can Help Lower Your Healthcare Costs

cost of healthcareThese days, people are using the Internet to aid their lives in a dizzying number of ways.

The world is already full of people using “Doctor Internet” to diagnose their own symptoms.

It makes sense then that people would naturally gravitate towards using the Internet to help in other ways related to healthcare – particularly since just about everything is available for purchase online nowadays. 

Rising healthcare costs for the past several years punish our nation in multiple ways from senior citizens to families with kids and mean lees money in our pockets.

So how can we help lower our healthcare costs to have more money to pay for food, rent and other necessities?

Here are a few examples of the various benefits of purchasing healthcare products online that can save you a big chunk of money and valuable time.  Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: Talking Points You Must Discuss Before Taking the Plunge

Personal Finance TipsWhile statistics of causes for divorce are all over the place, money issues are on most top five lists.

Personal finances can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing to talk about, so it is no wonder that couples sometimes don’t divulge their financial secrets with one another.

However, as they say, communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage.

Here are five things regarding personal finance couples should discuss before marriage.  Read the full article…»

How ID Theft Can Turn Your Good Credit Into Bad Credit!

ID theft protectionRecent ID theft numbers are quite alarming (as of November, 2012): 7% of US households reported some type of identity fraud which means that close to 9 million Americans have their identities stolen every single year.

One of the biggest downsides of being a victim of ID theft is how your credit rating could change from good credit to bad credit. This is because the ID thief could rack up purchases and debts at your expense.

Even if you take great care of your credit history, once the ID theft effects set in, your credit rating could plummet, giving your credit report a major black mark.

The reason for this is that as the thief’s purchases and defaults mount, and will appear on YOUR credit accounts, not his. Thus, he gets a free ride, while YOU suffer for it.  Read the full article…»

Life Lessons: Responsible Lending and Borrowing, Is It Possible?

loanWhy Are We Talking About Responsible Lending?

Just a few years ago I purchased a beautiful condo in a very popular ski resort town new the Rocky Mountains. It was a really exciting moment for me when I signed my loan paperwork. I financed it through one of the largest Mortgage Companies of that time.

A month later, I started making my mortgage payments, and, after about 2 months, I found out that my mortgage was sold to some other company. That was quite a surprise to me. I did not know that they could do that. So, I started making payments to some Mortgage Company B.

A couple of years down the road, my mortgage was sold back and forth quite a few times that I lost count. Then I found out that it’s quite common for investment banks to buy loans in bulk and then sell them over and over again. Quite a few bad loans were slipped in with hundreds of good loans where the debtors have been making payments on time.  Read the full article…»

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