Save Your Marriage: Six Steps to Setting Off a Loving Chain Reaction

save your marriageWhen a married couple begins having relationship trouble, they usually turn to counseling as a first line of defense against divorce.

Although couples counseling can certainly help repair a rocky union, recent studies suggest that relationships improve even when just one spouse seeks out professional help.

Beyond that, experts have found that couples tend to fare better when the wife attends marriage therapy sessions alone.  Read the full article…»

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Master the First Date

first dateWent through a painful divorce or break-up recently?

Everyone knows how difficult it could be to restart your life from scratch.

You have to learn all over again how to meet new people, make new friends, fall in love and start new relationships.

When you feel ready to start dating again, the question is where to go to meet quality people?

Depending on your age, interests and background, you can meet new people at coffee shops, gym, book stores, church, taking a class, going to the park or social functions.

You can also open yourself up to online dating that became very popular in the past decade.

First dates can cause an anxiety attack even in the most confident people, so preparing for your date is very important.  Read the full article…»

Self-Care: Healthy Habits to Get You Past Your Divorce Unscathed

after divorce

Regrettably, you’ve just realized that you’re getting a divorce. It’s finally sinking in. You have a choice.

You can speed through the classical steps or you can become a victim of them.

1. Most people start out in denial.

You have probably already been there. You didn’t want to believe it was over.

2. The next step most people experience is shock.

They’re shocked that they could ever be in this situation. Some people panic.

Others fly into a rage. Some people go emotionally numb and don’t feel anything.

During this stage, it doesn’t ever feel like you’ll come out of it alive.

3. The next phase is a roller-coaster ride.

You can’t seem to settle your feelings and thoughts. You swing from being hopeful to being utterly destroyed by your ex.  Read the full article…»

Wedding Ideas for Planning a Fabulous Last-Minute Wedding

wedding tipsThe beauty of organizing a wedding at short notice is that you can retain your initial excitement without it turning into worry and stress.

Some couples spend years planning their big day, which can mean a build-up of expectations.

If you prefer to go with the flow when it comes to your wedding, a last-minute celebration could be the ideal way to ensure the focus is on the meaning of the day, rather than meticulous attention to detail.

Keep reading for some ideas for small weddings at short notice.

Read the full article…»

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Can not Miss

Valentine's DayValentine’s Day is right around the corner and we always try to find some Valentines Day gift ideas that are romantic, unique and fairly inexpensive.

While giving a box of chocolates or a teddy bear is so cliche, what would be that perfect gift for him or her that will be very special and create some great memories?

I digged into some websites and on-line stores and found quite a few interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make it absolutely remarkable and unforgettable!

Here they are:  Read the full article…»

Is Being Overcautious Beneficial Regarding International Dating?

online dating scamsMen, just like women, also want to find that special person. They may have had multiple marriages, failed relationships, ran out of options, and have myriad of reasons why they can’t find that special woman out there for now.

Suddenly, an office mate suggested looking into international dating. Something to think about.

Many men have heard that women from other countries of the world are different and not that spoiled compared to the women in the US.

Very often that is true. Life is not always a picnic for them at home, and finding a good husband, taking care of home and children is something taught at a younger age.

So where do you start?

There are many international dating websites where you can find plenty of beautiful and intelligent women from other countries. Even if it is not marriage you have in mind, learning from other cultures can be very interesting and exciting.  Read the full article…»

Wedding Tips: Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Personal

wedding planning tipsIt’s easy for brides and grooms-to-be to get swept up in the ideas of friends and family when it comes to planning their nuptials, so they must make sure their voice is heard.

Remember, it’s your big day, so read on to hear how you could create a wedding that is special to you and your loved one.

Wedding Tips #1. Small Wedding Venue

Tying the knot in an intimate venue is a great way of sharing an experience with the people that are closest to you and and ensuring everyone is able to hear the vows that are being exchanged. It also means you won’t feel pressured to invite more distant acquaintances.  Read the full article…»

6 Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup Tips to Make You Look Fabulous

wedding make up tipsWeddings are meant to be the most cherished and lasting days of your life, so you have to make sure that nothing spoils your shining moment.

You only want to be the prettiest girl in the eyes of your groom, so make sure that your hair looks great, aside from wearing the most elegant wedding dress. Read our helpful tips below, so that your wedding hairstyle goes well with your wedding theme.  Read the full article…»

Volunteering Opportunities for Professional Working Mothers

volunteering opportunitiesWith our crazy busy lives, it is really hard to find some time to explore volunteering opportunities, but the benefits of volunteering can be enormous not only to your community, but also to you and your family.

Finding the motivation to explore new career opportunities is always a challenge – especially for those women already juggling a career and motherhood.

For this reason, increasing numbers of working mums are looking for volunteering opportunities as a way of testing alternative spheres of employment.  Read the full article…»

Top 5 Tips for Getting the Work Life Balance Right Even in a Recession

healthy lifestyleHaving a good work life balance can seem like a luxury with ever tightening budgets, widespread redundancies, and rising unemployment.

Indeed, recent research shows that a higher percentage of people now spend more time working than they did before, and feel like they do more work for the same, or even less pay.

On the surface this may seem like the natural outcome of the tough economic times we are living in, but in the longer term, this approach can only backfire. This is because over the long haul, a motivated and satisfied person is likely to be much more productive than a burnt out and overworked individual.

Economic difficulties and job insecurity can cause immense stress and anxiety. Often people put in more and more time working and less and less time into family and personal life, in order to combat financial troubles. But this turn inevitably causes more anxiety and stress.  Read the full article…»

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