Christmas Traditions Around the World

World News ReportChristmas is a big holiday not only in the United States, but also in European countries, and in other parts of the world as well.

Costa-Ricans, for example, make the huge models of the stable, where the Christ was born, and they are often made them as big as a room, where they are kept, so that the Christ can be as comfortable as possible in His Manger. Read the full article…»

10 Things to Do For Spooky Halloween Fun

Homemade Halloween ideasHalloween is a fun holiday that people celebrate in quite a few countries of the world on the night of October 31st.

Halloween is just around the corner, but there is lots to be done before then: the house to decorate, the costumes to find, fun and creepy food to prepare and definitely party games or various activities to organize to make sure that everyone feels festive for the spooky Halloween fun. Read the full article…»

6 Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup Tips to Make You Look Fabulous

wedding make up tipsWeddings are meant to be the most cherished and lasting days of your life, so you have to make sure that nothing spoils your shining moment.

You only want to be the prettiest girl in the eyes of your groom, so make sure that your hair looks great, aside from wearing the most elegant wedding dress. Read our helpful tips below, so that your wedding hairstyle goes well with your wedding theme.  Read the full article…»

Volunteering Opportunities for Professional Working Mothers

volunteering opportunitiesWith our crazy busy lives, it is really hard to find some time to explore volunteering opportunities, but the benefits of volunteering can be enormous not only to your community, but also to you and your family.

Finding the motivation to explore new career opportunities is always a challenge – especially for those women already juggling a career and motherhood.

For this reason, increasing numbers of working mums are looking for volunteering opportunities as a way of testing alternative spheres of employment.  Read the full article…»

Why Successful People Love Their Career

successful careerLately, you have been feeling a bit downtrodden about your own job, and maybe you need some inspiration.

You are wondering why successful people love their careers so much, and we are about to give you the secrets on how they do it.


Successful people tend to have a lot of drive, and they do not necessarily define “success” in a narrow way.

They look toward small goals, financial gains, personal achievements and major company innovations as success, and they can find the benefits of even the tiniest triumphs.  Read the full article…»

Top 5 Tips for Getting the Work Life Balance Right Even in a Recession

healthy lifestyleHaving a good work life balance can seem like a luxury with ever tightening budgets, widespread redundancies, and rising unemployment.

Indeed, recent research shows that a higher percentage of people now spend more time working than they did before, and feel like they do more work for the same, or even less pay.

On the surface this may seem like the natural outcome of the tough economic times we are living in, but in the longer term, this approach can only backfire. This is because over the long haul, a motivated and satisfied person is likely to be much more productive than a burnt out and overworked individual.

Economic difficulties and job insecurity can cause immense stress and anxiety. Often people put in more and more time working and less and less time into family and personal life, in order to combat financial troubles. But this turn inevitably causes more anxiety and stress.  Read the full article…»

Healthy Lifestyle: Inject More “Me” Time into Your Day

health benefitsFor many of us who strive to build a happy, successful and healthy lifestyle, integrating all of the different aspects of who we are and the roles we fill can be overwhelming.

Especially, when you consider the increased presence of social media and mobile technology, it can seem as though we are in danger of drowning in our digital lives.

But here’s the common denominator in all of your daily tasks: YOU.

You, through your choices, are always in control of how you react to the numerous demands on your time.

How can you establish a healthy lifestyle and sane balance when it seems as though the world is getting more cluttered than ever?

Here are five simple tips that are guaranteed to help you carve out some sanity and “me” time throughout your day:  Read the full article…»

Getting to the Heart of the Geek vs. Nerd Debate

Geek Vs. Nerd

nerdA couple of decades ago, being either a nerd or a geek meant being a social disaster.

With growing fascination with personal technology and the fact that smarts became cool, geeks and nerds have come into their own.

However, despite common misconceptions, they are not the same. A geek is not a nerd and a nerd is not a geek.

Geeks have become self-identified with advanced technology. They have the latest gadgets and are masters of that universe.  Read the full article…»

5 Ways to Tell if You Are Qualified For Volunteering Abroad

benefits of volunteeringVolunteering is a wonderful thing and the benefits of volunteering are enormous: from bringing fun and fulfillment into your life to making new friends and increasing your social and relationship skills.

The skills and knowledge of doctors, engineers, social workers and scientists are desperately needed by some of the world’s poorest countries.

Professional volunteers fill in this shortfall and can make real and lasting differences to the lives of those they work with.

The role of voluntary work in a professional’s own development is also important. A placement abroad can provide a person with a much-needed break from a long-term role and the chance to reawaken a passion for their profession.  Read the full article…»

Oldies Songs for Your Ultimate Mood Boosters

Mood BoostersFeeling lonely, sad, frustrated, tired or even depressed at times and would like to know what to do when feeling down?

Looking for some great mood boosters to get you back on track?

If you are a huge music lover and feel nostalgic of the “good old times”, oldies songs can be your  best natural mood boosters.

Remember those great old times when we did not know what Internet, Facebook and Twitter were, but always had a fantastic time with our friends and cool music? Read the full article…»

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