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Classic Money Saving Tips That Are Commonly Ignored

save moneySaving money often seems like an unreachable goal, because no matter how hard you try to squeeze money from your budget, there is no way to put aside some extra cash with this purpose in mind.

Nonetheless, there are some classic money saving tips that are usually ignored or forgotten, but that can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to seeing your savings grow.

Money Saving Tips #1. Cash is Still Valuable

In a world where plastic money has taken over, cash is still king when it comes to paying your expenses with it.

Credit card payments make things costly due to interest rate and annual fees you pay when using this payment method.

Debit cards may not have any charge, because this is your own money, but the risk is that you spend more than you planned due to the facility to carry the card with you.

So the top solutions among the money tips are pay with cash whenever you can.

Money Saving Tips #2. Avoid Any Shortcut

Saving money is only possible when you work diligently in setting up a budget and sticking to it. Saving money on a regular basis should be part of this planning too.

However, if you are thinking to make your budget more flexible by making your money grow fast, you simply could be going in the wrong direction.

Getting payday loans with the goal to invest this money has never been a good idea, as it is not a good idea to try your luck gambling or buying lotto tickets.

Money Saving Tips #3. While You Are Still Young

If shopping around for payday loans is a bad idea, there is another that is the worst among the classic money saving tips that are usually ignored; run wild and have fun while people are young.

Certainly youth is the time to enjoy adventures, but not at the cost of doing what you want today and start worrying about saving money tomorrow.

The sooner you gain money awareness, the more money you will save to enjoy life at any other stage.

Money Saving Tips #4. Start Cooking for Yourself

Eating out can really effect your budget, but we all know that busy work schedules make it sometimes very difficult to find the time to prepare your own healthy and tasty meals.

However, there are a few solutions to that. For example, cooking your food in bulk. When you make minestrone or casserole, make it enough for 2-3 meals.

Plan you bulk cooking sessions around sales in your local grocery store, use a slow cooker which is convenient and can save you tons of money, and remember to freeze left-overs.

Money Saving Tips #5.Take Money Saving Tips that Are Really Useful

Problem with money saving tips is that there are too many and not all of them can help.

Among those that really serve, watching your expenses, avoid shady deals, save money, and refinance your debt are tips that you must not ignore and will help you to prevent depriving yourself of a reward for your hard word saving money consistently.

What are your favorite money saving tips that you would like to share with us?

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2 Responses to “Classic Money Saving Tips That Are Commonly Ignored”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great tips. I agree a lot with saving money while you’re young. I learned that early on and I was able to save up so much money. When I saw how others in my age group were spending, I was shocked. They never seemed to have enough and constantly complained about a lack of money. But they were spending it recklessly on things they didn’t need. I saved my money up and later used it to travel the world.
    Steve recently posted..20 Reasons to Become an Avid ReaderMy Profile

  2. Elena Says:

    I agree with you Steve. Unfortunately, these days younger generation wants everything right now and they often end up having a lot of debt. There is always a difference between what we want and what we really need. Is that right? If we know the answer every time we buy something, we will be in good financial shape. Thanks for stopping by!

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