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Article Reprinting Policy

I have been getting an increase of emails lately asking for permission to reprint the articles found on My republishing policy is pretty simple, but I thought I would throw this down on a post just to get it out there for the future requests. 

Basically, anyone can reprint the articles on their own website as long as they link back to original article and mention that they found them on For more details about the policy, continue reading… 

Currently my policy is that you can adapt the content to fit what you need it for. We both know well that a lot of  articles are in a very personal tone and not very formalized.  

If you need articles for a newsletter that you don’t necessarily want in such a casual voice, feel free to make the necessary changes by omitting sections of the articles.


However, if you do, please try to make sure the article still makes sense for the reader – so we both don’t look foolish . 

Online Newsletters

Please add “Used by permission from” to the article footer. If hyper linking the web address is possible, that would be helpful! 


Feel free to republish my articles on your blog or website, when you want a day off, or  if you found an article that you think would be particularly helpful to your readers. Or if you want to just post sections and add your own commentary, that is great as well… I only ask that mention that the content is from and link back. 


When I think of spammers, I think of all the frustrating 15 second blocks of time that I waste whenever I have to fill in a spam protection captcha thingy. They are getting increasingly difficult to read, and we have spammers to thank for that. 

So obviously, I am not particularly fond of spammers, but some of them are doing things out of ignorance and not malice. So, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you know better and are a spammer, you can NOT use any articles from 


If your article republishing request is not answered above feel free to Contact me. But if it is very similar to one of the above scenarios, use your best judgment – I trust you.


 Thanks for complying with this Article Reprinting Policy!

 Have a great day!


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