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Top 5 Incredibly Delicious and Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

healthy lunchesDelicious and Nutritious: Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work

Do you find healthy eating an easy habit to hold onto, or a bit of a challenge?

For me at least, I don’t find it too difficult sticking to eating healthy and delicious food for breakfast and dinner.  Where I tend to stumble, and I don’t think I’m alone with this, is when it comes to eating healthy lunches at work.

It’s so tempting to just grab something out when you are at work instead – it’s quick and generally hassle free, it also means you can pick up whatever you feel like at the time.  The problem with this of course is that what you select is likely to be high in calories or less healthy foods such as convenience meals, fast food, and sugar-laden soft drinks. 

And when this happens it can mean you will end up consuming much more calories and most likely consume food that isn’t so good for you compared to something you had made yourself.

What I have realized is that preparing your lunch the night before really isn’t a chore, it’s pretty straightforward. You can do it at the same time as when you are preparing dinner. I’m not talking boring sandwiches and soup either – here are some of my favorite and easy healthy lunch ideas for work that absolutely rock!

Easy Healthy Lunches Ideas #1. Smoked Mackerel and Couscous

This is a handy low fat and filling lunch that combines the energy-giving carbs in the couscous with the protein and omega 3s in the fish.  Convenient, tasty and healthy – inexpensive too.  Add in some cherry tomatoes and avocado for extra tastiness and a further healthy boost.

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas #2. Chicken Quesadillas

healthy lunch ideasThis is one of my favorite quesadilla recipes of all time.  Using wholewheat tortillas adds in some extra B vitamin action and as the recipe uses chicken and reduced fat cheese, it’s a whole lot lower in fat than many of its equally delicious Mexican equivalents.

These can easily be reheated at work the next day – but obviously since there’s chicken in there, be sure you can keep the food refrigerated until lunchtime arrives.

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas #3. Mexican Bean Salad 

easy healthy lunch ideasStaying on a Mexican trip, a bean salad is a great healthy and convenient lunch.  Just store the salad in a plastic container and add it into your preferred wrap, burrito or taco come lunchtime.  

Some lovely zingy flavours in here, from the vitamin C loaded lime juice as well as that unmistakeable fresh coriander taste, plus some lovely antioxidant-packed onion.  

You can use whichever beans take your fancy for this salad – I usually go for chickpeas and black beans, both of which are good sources of soluble fibre which is cholesterol-reducing and add to that satisfied and full feeling after eating.

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas #4. Prawn and Chorizo Frittata

chorizo frittataThis is another perfect lunch treat, especially if you’re making lunch for a few people.  It’s like a healthy version of a quiche and really you can add whatever you want to it. 

You get all the filling protein from the eggs, prawns and chorizo that will keep hunger at bay, throw in some onions and peas to help up your veg for the day and you’ve got a great nutritious and balanced meal.  Great enjoyed either hot or cold.

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas #5. Pesto Pasta Salad 

healthy lunchPasta is versatile – it goes with so many things, and you can eat it hot or cold. And it makes a great salad, too.  Just cook some spirali until al dente, mix in some pesto and then add anything else you have to hand such as peas, parmesan, cooked bacon – and you have a tasty meal to eat on the go.

Having healthy lunches doesn’t mean having to skimp on taste – and once you are in the habit of preparing fresh, tasty meals you won’t want to go back to less healthy convenience options.

What are your delicious and easy healthy lunch ideas for work? Please share your recipes with us!

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4 Responses to “Top 5 Incredibly Delicious and Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas for Work”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Great lunch ideas. I like all those choices, especially Mexican bean salad. Thanks!

  2. Elena Says:

    Hi Jessica, I am glad you liked our healthy lunch ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Francis Says:

    One should be careful with the kind of food he or she takes in if the goal is to lose weight. These are very useful tips even though I am not too conversant with one or two of the kind of posted here.
    Francis recently posted..Skin Cancer Treatment – What To Expect From Your DoctorMy Profile

  4. Elena Says:

    Hello Francis, I totally agree with you on the fact that one should be always careful about any weight loss diet and definitely consult their physician. Some recipes that are good for some people might not work for others. Thanks for stopping by Francis!

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