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Fashion Tips: 5 Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

wardrobe closetLooking for some fashion tips on what to wear this summer?

As the seasons start to change, many women and men will start to delve into last year’s summer wardrobe to find it as crushed and uninspiring as the weather was.

With cash in short supply, and the credit cards safely tucked away out of reach, I offer 5 cheap ways to refresh a tired and worn-out summer wardrobe. 

Tip 1. Have a Good Clear Out.

Completely empty the contents of your summer wardrobe and go through all your outfits putting them in piles according to whether you want to keep them, bin them, or an ‘aren’t sure’.

By individually assessing each item again you can work out if you actually like it, whether you had forgotten about a particular one, and how you might go about creating outfits according to this year’s style.

Look through some fashion magazines with their fashion tips on what kind of accessories are in this season.

A new scarf or a chunky necklace may be the key to spicing up an old summer dress.

Tip 2. Sell Unwanted Items.

We’ve all done it, bought an item of clothing that seemed perfect for every occasion and that would breeze through even the most stubborn of fashion trends, only to find it again next season and realise your mistake.

Those pieces tend to be in mint condition but unfortunately are something you are never likely to wear again.

Try and sell these types of clothes – either online (ebay for example) or at a car boot sale as even though you think you made a terrible mistake in buying it in the first place, not everyone will, and they may pay a good price for it.

While on ebay, take a look at what others are selling – there may be clothes you would like to buy for a good price and depending on how the bidding goes you could come out with several bargain items.

Tip 3. Get Your Friends Involved.

Most of us have at least a couple of friends who are around the same size as us, and so take this as an opportunity to get them to clear out their wardrobes too.

Ask your close friends for some fashion tips as well.

Get together in one room and get rummaging – what you may be bored of in your own wardrobe may be something one of your friends has had their eye on for a while – likewise, you may find a few items in your friends’ wardrobes you would be keen to swap.

Tip 4. Head to a Market.

Never be put off from shopping for clothes at markets – a lot of the time many small, individual retailers take some of their stock to a large city market with the aim of drawing customers to their brand.

While it is harder to try things on in places like this, you can pick up a number of new outfits for very little as long as you haggle hard.

Markets are a good place to control how much you spend too as often only cash is accepted as a form of payment.

So before you start looking, take out the amount of cash you can afford to spend and do not go over that – credit cards will be off limits, and thankfully, you probably will not get the chance to use one.

Tip 5. Invest in a Sewing Machine.

I’m not suggesting you start making new clothes from scratch, although this would save you money, instead, start small and make alterations to existing items of clothing in your wardrobe.

Changing the buttons on a boring work shirt could give it a new lease of life, while a pair of worn out jeans could be easily cut into a pair of frayed shorts for really hot beach days.

It is easy to feel the need come summer to indulge in a bit of retail therapy on the high street, however, a few high priced items can soon rack up a big bill, and there is no guarantee that this will fill the gap in your summer wardrobe.

As these fashions tips have highlighted, there are other ways to go about updating your summer look, to keep you looking and feeling right on trend without the credit card debt to match.

What are your fashion tips for the upcoming summer?


Author Bio

Anna Lisinski writes money saving tips for The Telegraph, offering imaginative ways to keep those savings in check.

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