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Crazy, Freaky and Fun Gothic Wedding Dresses

wedding dressesGothic wedding dresses? What on earth is that?

Not everyone wants a traditional wedding experience with the big white dress, church ceremony, and feminine reception.

Some people prefer to use their wedding to express their personality rather than follow the traditional wedding.

Why Choose Gothic Wedding Dresses?

Many non-religious brides also want something different from traditional “virginal” wedding dresses, and choose to think outside the box when it comes to their gown design. 

One new trend that is popular for alternative weddings is the gothic wedding. This wedding combines features of Victorian fashion, dark colors, and over-the-top decorations that give a wedding a slightly spooky feel.

Gothic weddings are particularly popular near Halloween and at the end of the year. It is harder to feel gloomy and dark in the warm spring and summer months.

If a non-traditional bride wants a non-traditional Gothic wedding, then she needs a dress that reflects her Gothic style.

Gothic Wedding Dresses Designs

There are a variety of Gothic wedding designs, from more traditional gowns with just a hint of Gothic design to full-blown gothic gowns that look something like what a medieval witch would wear.

All of these non-traditional gowns will help a non-traditional bride feel comfortable at her own wedding and embrace her personality and wishes during the biggest day of her life.

Gothic Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

There are a variety of gothic styles available for brides to suit a wide range of tastes. One of the most popular gothic designs is a gothic ball gown dress.

The dress design has a fitted corset top and a large puffy skirt. The difference between this dress and other wedding dresses is that the color pallet is mostly black. Other accents, like torn lace and pearls give the dress a more gothic vibe.

Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Another style of gothic dress is more Victorian in style. This dress has a fitted waist, long sweeping skirt, and a back bustle just like most dresses from the Victorian era. Brides can order this upscale gothic dress in a variety of colors.

Short Gothic Wedding Dresses

The third trend for gothic wedding is the short gothic dress. This dress is styled after circus uniforms from the Victorian period, with a short front and longer back. The corset style is still heavily featured in the design, however. Many brides wear their shorter gothic wedding dresses with stockings and garters.

If you want to truly stand out at your gothic wedding, then you will have to have a dress that is show stopping.

The best way to do this is to choose a gothic wedding dresses in a non-traditional color that will wow your guests when you enter the room.

Pairing the dress with other gothic accessories, such as Victorian boots, pale white and black makeup, or a dark veil will help your outfit stand out even more. If you choose to go the gothic dress route, you can be sure that no one will forget your special day.

The gothic wedding trend is perfect for the non-traditional bride who wants to explore her dark side on her wedding day and you can simply buy gothic wedding dresses online like any other kind.

Combining the right dress choice with other wedding details, such as a gothic cake and gothic-style decorations will help make your wedding one-of-a-kind and just whimsical enough to leave a lasting impression.

Have you ever seen victorian or gothic wedding dresses? Did you like them?

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