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Get Paid to Recycle Your Old Junk

Did you know that companies will actually pay you to get rid of your old computer, cell phones, books and more? It’s true – and shipping is free!

1. Turn Your Old Gadgets Into Cash!

Got a new camera, MP3 Player or computer? Send your old one – even if it’s broken! – to

A pricing guide lets you know in advance how much money you’ll get for it (sometimes hundreds of dollars!).

2. Get Paid for Your Old Cell Phone!

Got an outdate cell phone just lying in a drawer? Send it to or, where most brands can fetch anywhere from $3 to $150. Also check to see if your carrier offers a buyback program.

For instance, Sprint lets you trade in old phones for credit on a new purchase!

3. Earn Bucks for CDs, DVDs and Books!

Your old CDs, DVDs and video games will net you some green at, which pay up to $18 per item.

If it’s books you wnat to shed, try, which offers $1 to $4 for fiction or non-fiction and up to $80 for college texts.

4. Clear Out Your Home-Office Junk!

Trade your empty printer cartridges for cash at or and get up to $4.

Or drop into any Staples store with used HP or Staples cartridges, and they will give you an in-store credit for $3 each.

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One Response to “Get Paid to Recycle Your Old Junk”

  1. Jack Chen Says:

    It’s awesome to know that you can actually make money other men’s garbage!
    I collect my empty ink cartridges and send them to and made few hundred dollars.

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