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Minor Adjustments: Habits that Help You Stay Financially Healthy

save moneyIt’s easy to think that cutting back a few dollars here and there won’t have a significant impact on your savings.

However, over time, small decreases in spending, as well as wise investments, can help you save a significant amount of money.

If you save just a dollar a day, you’ll have $365 extra at the end of the year to spend on clothing, meals during a vacation, or donate to charity.

Here are a few small but significant ways you can cut back on spending without sacrificing your quality of life or the things you love to stay financially healthy for a long run. 


Eliminate Impulse Purchases

The $1 section at your local store may seem tempting every time you walk in – after all, who wouldn’t need a felt, flower petal headband at the start of spring?

Let’s say you purchase $5 worth of items from this section at each visit to this store, and you go to this store once a week.

At the end of the year, you will have spent $260 of your hard-earned money on items that will likely just get lost in a drawer or at the back of your closet.

If you make $15 per hour at your job, you’ve just spent over 17 hours worth of work on forgettable items.

It’s okay to purchase the small, cute item every once-in-a-while, but be mindful of how much these items are really costing you.


Invest in Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re a regular or social smoker, investing in Ecigs can save you money in the long run.

Rather than having to purchase a few packs each week or month, invest in a vaporizer pen and e cigarette refills to cut down cost and waste.

Best of all, e cigarettes are cleaner than traditional cigarettes, and their scent is less intrusive to those around you. Visit for more information.


Cook at Home

Cooking at home not only saves a lot of money, but it also typically improves health, because you’ll likely eat fewer deep fat fried foods and eat smaller portions.

If you eat out just two meals a day at $5 each, you’ll have spent $3,650 on fast food in one calendar year.

Just $3 spent at the grocery store can buy you better quality food and nutrients your body needs.

Use that $3,650 toward a summer vacation instead.

What minor adjustments do you do to stay financially healthy?

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6 Responses to “Minor Adjustments: Habits that Help You Stay Financially Healthy”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great tips. I think cooking at home alone could save you a small fortune. It’s always nice to eat out, but it can get pretty pricey.

    I’m with you though. Some small decreases in spending can add up over time. Sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much that small purchase can affect the big picture.
    Steve recently posted..The Einstein Method for Freeing Your Creative MindMy Profile

  2. Wan Says:

    Impulse buying is my greatest weakness. Definitely need to eliminate that habit because I usually will end up buying crazily expensive stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, Elena.

  3. TC Says:

    I agree with you. The way you live quickly becomes a habit. If you choose to spend your money extravagantly you will have a hard time saving it. If you budget your spending it will be easier to buy what you need and put some for the future as well.
    TC recently posted..Would No Fault Accidents Increase Car Insurance Rates?My Profile

  4. Elena Says:

    Very true Steve! I love cooking at home and I believe it does not only save a lot of money but also forces you to eat healthier because you have more control over your meals (quality and size). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Elena Says:

    Yes, Wan, we are all guilty of impulse buying which can really hurt our budget. I try not to visit stores until I really need to buy something and always bring a limited amount of cash with me. That does really help with not overspending! Thanks for checking out my article!

  6. Elena Says:

    Very well said TC! Budgeting and planning is the key to a happy and financially successful life! Great to hear from you TC!

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