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Happy and Healthy Means Size Zero?..

Body image has recently gone through a radical change.

It seems that the world has finally realized that the starving orphan look admired in runway models in the past few years simply unhealthy and not very attractive.       

It all started with the collapse of Luisel Ramos during the 2006 Fashion Week in Uruguay.

Her diet consisting of Lettuce leaves and Diet Coke for 3 long months before the show drastically affected her health, and she died of heart failure in August, 2006, at a very young age of 22.

As a result, Madrid Fashion Week banned models with a Body Mass Index of less than 18. Thus, 30% of applicants were rejected.

That same year, all of the Italian designers decided to follow the same steps and banned size zero models from the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week in Italy.

Gradually other countries started following the same policy.

Charlotte Carter, the size zero model from Britain, was banned from London Fashion Week in early 2007, and was highly recommended to gain some weight, if she wanted to continue working as a model.

At the same time boutique shop mannequins in Spain were increased to size 10.

French MPs, advertisers along with the fashion industry signed a charter in 2008 promoting healthy body image and making illegal all of the promotions of extreme thinness with a fine of up to 30,000 Euros.

In 2009, “Brigitte”, the most popular fashion magazine in Germany, banned professional models to favor women with much more realistic bodies.

Andreas Lebert, Brigitte’s editor, said he was so sick and tired of making the girls look fatter with Photoshop tricks.

When women finally realized that they can’t keep up and/or connect with unrealistic images of model’s thinness, the media finally presented a very interesting fact that “Today’s models weigh around 24% less than normal women”.

Basically the whole model industry is pretty much anorexic! Quite a shocker, isn’t it? We did not see this one coming!

I would like to mention another interesting fact. Just last year “Glamour” magazine published a picture of a gorgeous plus size model Lizzie Miller. After receiving an enormous amount of positive feed back, “Glamour” committed to publishing more pictures of real women with real bodies.

As a matter of fact, women don’t buy magazines to feel inferior and unattractive compared to models whose only goal is to follow a diet consisting of just Lettuce leaves and Diet Coke just to be skinny.

Real women with real lives have work, kids, husbands, tons of things to do and very little time for themselves, but that does not mean they are not attractive, not matter what shapes they are.

Real women want to see real attainable beauty with normal healthy eating habits, a little exercise and well balanced life.

Having an interesting and friendly personality, self-confidence and loving nature makes a person so much more attractive than being obsessed about loosing a few more pounds and giving up all the life pleasures.

There is no an official ban on size zero models in England quite yet, but if you check out the pictures of models for Fashion Week in London, you can’t but notice that they are making a lot of progress in that direction.

Most of the models look much healthier and less slim and definitely more attractive!

I really hope that people’s mentality will start changing seeing that the media finally is helping us out on this. Let’s stop being too critical of our bodies, unless your weight is causing certain health issues.

Let’s see the beauty in every person, and instead of focusing on what we could have changed in ourselves and what clothes we could have fit in, if…
Buy yourself some beautiful clothes you can fit in now, and feel gorgeous!

We do not need to be slimmer to start feeling happy.

Accept yourself the way you are, and be happy every day of your life starting from today!

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