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Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Which Tests Do You Really Need?

healthy living tipsGetting in a habit of reading essential healthy lifestyle tips can be vital for those who struggle with leading a healthy lifestyle in this crazy busy world.

Good health is something that many people take for granted, but when something goes wrong they become more aware than ever that illness can drastically affect quality of life.

Continual advances in medical research have made it much easier than it once was to spot the warning signs of chronic illnesses, but it’s sometimes difficult to determine which might be most beneficial for you.

Keep reading these fundamental healthy lifestyle tips for some guidance: 

Healthy Lifestyle Tips #1: Yearly Physicals


A yearly physical is one of the most thorough ways for a health professional to spot concerning symptoms.

Many health insurance plans include a check-up free of charge, and people who have Medicare are also eligible for wellness visits geared towards making patients aware of their risk factors and forming a prevention plan.

Physicals are also a good opportunity to bring up any concerns and discuss the need for further testing. This one is one of the most important healthy lifestyle tips.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips #2: Risk Assessments for Heart Attacks and Strokes

Healthcare professionals often use specific risk assessments to alert patients of an elevated probability for cardiovascular problems or strokes. Many use a points-based system that creates a score based on habits like smoking and amount of regular exercise, plus characteristics such as age, body fat and weight.

Researchers in France were involved in a study recently published in a journal called Neurology and found that these assessments may also be useful in pinpointing early warning signs of dementia.

If you have a family history of heart attacks, strokes or cognitive decline, it’s worthwhile asking a health professional if you’re a candidate for a risk assessment, either during a physical or as a separate visit.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips #4: X-Rays

healthy lifestyle Although X-rays are frequently used to confirm broken bones, they’re useful for other reasons, too.

Professionals from the Mayo Clinic say that chest x-rays can determine the size and shape of a person’s heart, calcium deposits in the blood vessels, and lung problems that might be a symptom of an undiagnosed heart problem.

X-rays are also often used to pinpoint the cause of digestive problems, because they can look at organs within the abdomen, including the spleen, small intestines and bladder.

Consider asking a health professional if an X-ray might be useful in diagnosing sinus problems, as well.

Content on WebMD states that X-rays can show evidence of acute sinusitis, particularly when the problem is related to the sinuses near the eyebrows or cheeks.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips #5: Blood Tests

tips for a healthy lifestyleSometimes, a simple blood draw can bring peace of mind about possible viral infections and also ensure that bodily organs are performing properly.

For example, a Complete Blood Count is often used to screen for a wide variety of ailments, but it may be recommended even if you’re not yet showing noticeable symptoms.

A Complete Blood Count examines levels for both white and red blood cells plus platelets, which help the blood to clot.

Blood tests can also be used to check for forms of hepatitis, thyroid gland malfunctions and diabetes, among many other health issues. These tests are quick, but provide professionals with insight on how to keep you healthier.

Talking with a healthcare provider is a useful way to learn more about the types of tests available, and which are most appropriate for your situation.

Factors like family history can play a role in your likelihood of developing certain health problems, but lifestyle choices make a difference, too. Take charge of your well-being and aim to undergo tests that illuminate problems before they become severe.

What healthy lifestyle tips would you like to add to this list?

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4 Responses to “Healthy Lifestyle Tips: Which Tests Do You Really Need?”

  1. Steve Says:

    I know I should do a yearly physical, but I never seem to remember to do it. But that’s interesting what you said about it being covered. That makes me more inclined to do one. I’d rather get the physical and find something early instead of too late.
    Steve recently posted..Why Couldn’t it be You?My Profile

  2. Elena Says:

    You are absolutely right Steve! Annual physicals are a must. I used to have a health insurance plan with $10,000 to keep my premiums down and guess what? My annual physicals were covered 100%! So there is no excuse not to do it!

  3. Sylvia Sedd Says:

    We need to invest for our health, as it is one main reason why we can live a longer and successful life, it is our best asset for development. We are not an expert or a doctor, having a checkup once for a while seems very helpful for us keep a good track to our health.
    Sylvia Sedd recently posted..What is Success? A Spiritual PerspectiveMy Profile

  4. Elena Says:

    You are absolutely right Sylvia! Our health is our best asset. Thanks for checking out our article!

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