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Look Fabulous: Home Beauty Tips for Modern Women

look fabulousSimple Home Beauty Tips to Make You Feel Pampered

I have found that I always feel the most renewed, refreshed and beautiful after returning from a vacation, a good night out or even a trip to the spa or salon.

Though I know the reasons why: good products, relaxation, pampering and a good setting; it really is not always possible to get to such places all the time.

This is why it is important to know how to get some of those same results at home by using a few home beauty tips I have used throughout the years for when I need to give myself a little boost of self-confidence. 

Home Beauty Tips #1. Transform Your Bathroom Into a SPA

We as women know that one of the top draws of a spa or salon is the feeling you get being surrounded by the soothing colors, little touches and soft music. I have found that I can use this one element for bringing the feel of such places in to my home by carving out an area that is just for me. One option is to use your bathroom, or portion of your bathroom, as you space for beauty.

I have placed a vanity with a large mirror and cushy chair in the bathroom for me to use when I am getting ready, fixing my hair or simply just applying products to my face, neck and skin.

Home Beauty Tips #2. De-Stress With Relaxing & Soothing Scents

The space has candles in soothing scents such as lavender or vanilla that I burn while in the bathroom as it makes me feel encompassed in luxury. I have also found that plush towels and good quality beauty implements also help me feel more pampered in my own home.

Home Beauty Tips #3. Pamper Yourself with Natural Beauty Treatments

The other way I have been able to recreate the feeling I have after professional treatments is to make my own concoctions by using ingredients found in my own home. This is a way to use natural elements to give myself beauty treatments.

One way I like to refresh my face is through a facial scrub that I make using oatmeal, honey and milk. The paste is lightly rubbed on the face using a circular motion and then rinsed clean with lukewarm water. The end result is skin that is radiant and really does look like one that just had a high end treatment performed.

Modern women know that time is of the essence and we just simply do not always have time to truly take care of ourselves in the pampering way we would want.

Home Beauty Tips #4: Look and Feel Fabulous Despite the Lack of Time

I have found that taking time for me, during down hours at home, can really make all of the difference in the world in how I both look and feel. Many people have told me that they can tell when I am well rested and relaxed as I tend to have a natural glow about me.

This is one of my favorite home beauty tips for you: I truly believe that when you make small changes at home, you will reflect a better level of self-esteem and confidence.

This is because beauty does radiate from the inside out and thus when you start taking better care of yourself at home through proper nutrition, routine exercise, restful sleep and pampering you will always look your absolute best.

Do you have your own beauty routine at home? What are your home beauty tips that you would like to add to our list?

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