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How to Have a Successful Relationship

healthy relationshipsIf you read latest celebrity magazines and gossip pages online, you might start thinking that there are no relationships that last any more.

With so many break-ups and divorces going on, it’s hard to believe that there are happy and healthy relationships that actually work.

If you ask yourself a question: how to have a successful relationship? You might find a few answers right here.

In any successful relationship you will need to learn to have fun, even when things are tough. 

Learning when to laugh, as well as knowing how to make your partner laugh is something that will help you get through rough times.  

Below are some tips for a successful relationship that will help you make the best of a bad situation and make your relationship stronger than ever.

Relationship Advice #1. Learn to Laugh

For any relationship, especially ones that are just beginning, it is really important to know when to laugh.

This can be hard just starting out, but when things start to get serious, and even if you’ve been together for awhile, you’ll come to realize that it situations that are awkward or even embarrassing, the best thing to do is find humor.

Sometimes it’s harder to make light of a situation that it is to get upset, but if you can do something to lighten it up – you’ll have a successful relationship.

One thing that will become clear quickly is that if you’re in a long term relationship, then you are going to experience a lot of intimate moments with your partner, and the quicker you can take the stigma off the uncomfortable moments, the quicker you’ll feel close to them.

Relationship Advice #2. Make your Partner Laugh

The most effective ways to keep a relationship with some levity in it – is to learn what your significant other finds amusing.

This is a key to make things light when they need to be, but it can also help your partner out when they’re feeling down.

The old mantra of laughter being the best medicine definitely holds true, and in situations when you or your partner are feeling down, it is really good if they know how to bring you out of your down mood and vice versa.

After a bad day in the office or a long wait in traffic, it’s good to be able to make your partner smile, and be able to help relieve some of this stress.

The longer you’re with someone, you’ll learn what things set them off in which there is no remedy for.

These are the moments that instead of trying to lighten the mood, it is important for you to just be there for them to have someone to talk to.

This is important because there are just some particular things people don’t want to laugh off, but instead want to deal with the issue at hand.

Always be aware of this so you can help your partner the best you can.

All of this is extremely important in having a healthy and successful relationship.

Things don’t always go according to plan, but the more that you can laugh about it with your partner then the better off you’ll be.

When two people can enjoy each other, especially in hard times, than it shows that the relationship is strong, and most of the time you’ll end up stronger for having gone through the rough patches.

What relationship advice do you have on how to have a successful relationship? Please share your thoughts with us!

Article by Jordan

Jordan Mendys is blogger for Direct2TV, and an independent filmmaker. He lives in North Carolina with his wife. They will be celebrating their first anniversary at the end of July.

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    Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!

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