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Is It Really Worth Buying Famous Designer Brands?

Fashion BlogI love fashion and am quite a fashionable dresser myself, but sometimes I wonder if all that famous fashion designers‘ stuff is really worth the money.

Well, normally designer items are great quality items that will last for a long time. They are definitely quite different from cheap stuff that you can see in a regular store.  

But my question is: if you are into fashion and designer names, would you rather spend $3,000 on a small Gucci handbag or rather buy a pretty sweet good quality Calvin Klein bag on sale for $100-250 at Dillard’s?

At $100 a piece you can actually have 30 bags for every day of the month that match your shoes, your outfits, your car – anything.

And also, they will always look new since you don’t get to use them all the time.

When they go out of fashion – they are easily replaceable.

Or… would you prefer to have one (just one!) Gucci handbag that will look beautiful and last you for a long time. 

It’s definitely your personal choice. Before you make your decision, think whether you really want to have just one thing and use it for 6 years just to make your money worth?.. or several things that you can easily replace when you get tired of them?..

Most likely if you use the same thing every single day, you’ll get tired of it sooner or later, and it will wear off quite quickly in spite of the good quality of the item.

I believe it’s all about finding the right balance between price and quality which you can definitely do in mid-range stores, like Dillard’s, Macy’s etc.

Beware also that some of the brand names can be really a huge rip off.

Let’s say Jimmy Choo‘s sandals that would cost you several hundreds of dollars, typically don’t even last long, because the heels on their shoes seem very fragile.

Fashion ObsessionMy Fashion Obsession Queen’s experience tells me that the majority of people can’t even tell the difference between designer names and non-designer ones… So who are you trying to impress: someone else or yourself?

As long as you look good, stylish and classy in whatever you wear, you’ll hear compliments.

I guess the rule of thumb would be: common sense. If you really have to have a designer item, look for the following things:

1) look for wearable designer clothes. If you can’t see an average person wearing it on the street – most likely it’s unwearable

2) decide whether it’s worthy to buy it – think about how many times you would probably wear it

3) buy something that will match your wardrobe and your style

4) do your own research: discounts, sales, Ebay deals etc

Some Useful Fashion Tips:

1) Go shopping for designer brands only after you already paid all your bills and taxes for the current month, and can realistically see what you can actually afford

2) Look only for clothes that flatter you regardless of their price. If the item is quite inexpensive, don’t buy it just because it’s a famous designer, if it does not look good on you or does not fit you well

3) The bad news is: designer clothes go out of style next season, but the good news is: you can resell designer items on Ebay, Craigslist etc. and get quite a bit of your money back, if you advertise that they are designer

4) Never buy knockoffs. They will never look as good as real designer items and will make you look cheap

5) If you are not a millionaire, you probably should not hang out at designer stores to avoid temptations unless you just buy a pair of sunglasses or jeans and such

And the last thing to remember: the clothes don’t have to be necessarily designer – just make you look polished and well-groomed!

What do you think? 


Image Source: Amit Chattopadhyay’s Photostream


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Article by Elena Moiseenko

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