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Latest Fashion Trend in Menswear Straight from Paris

fashion tips for menLooking for some fashion tips for men? Who does not want to look fashionable and attractive and well put together these days?

Latest Fashion Trend in Menswear for 2013

Latest fashion trend in menswear shows an inclination towards, sporty designs, bold prints, and bright colors. This persistent new trend was observed across many menswear shows held across Paris.

The new mantra for men’s fashion is not to tuck the shirt in, and never to be seen in rolled up trousers. Jackets have become longer for suits, and trousers have widened at the thighs. T-shirts are now more with boxier designs and longer sleeves.

Men’s Fashion Colors

Latest Fashion Trend #1: Yellow Color

Men will now be seen in brighter colors, and the latest fashion trend in colors seems to be fixated on yellow. This color trend seems to have originated in shows held in London, and has reflected in Paris and Milan as well.

The latest collection from Louis Vuitton, which is inspired by sailing and sea, showed jackets in striking yellow, and even accessories were in bright fluorescent yellow.

Latest Fashion Trend #2: Red Color

The other color that is now being seen in men’s fashions is surprisingly red. If you head out on the streets of Paris, it is quite a colorful spectacle to see quite a few men dressed in red trousers.

This trend was quite noticeable at Dior Homme, where Kris Assche made sure to include red in a collection that was predominantly navy.

The highlight of the collection was a navy blazer that was short and quite snugly fitting to the body, with silver buttons.

Red was introduced to this, in the form of a shirt collar worn under a top with boat neck. In the whole ensemble, red was able to add a vivid element, and did not look out of place.

Gucci also seems to be following the trend of bright colors, when it opened its latest collection for men with a suit in apple green.

Latest Fashion Trend #3. Sleek Designs Are In 

Suiting is also considered the latest fashion trend in men’s garments, and the other colors gaining popularity for suits are again bright reds and bold blues. Gucci is also upbeat about yellow, and introduced it in the form of lenses with a yellow tint.

The sports feel was unmistaken in most designs and cuts. Hawaiian prints are again gaining steam, with of course, the accents being on red and yellow. Shorts are now wider and more comfortable, but quite sleek at the same time.

The overly baggy look is out, and sleek designs are in. However, bold prints and bright colors, predominated most shows across the globe.

Metallic Textures and Colors in Current Men’s Fashion

Another emerging latest fashion trend is the use of metallic textures and colors in menswear. Many fashion houses have not been bold enough to go along, however, Lanvin and Burberry have come out with a wide range of metallic shirts, coats, totes, suits, and even shorts.

Another impact of metallic color was seen in men’s footwear. Gold and silver lace-ups are being introduced, and they look even more appealing than the quality wrapper sandals with socks.

The latest fashion trend in menswear, which was showcased in various fashion shows, is coming into mainstream market at quite a fast pace. Menswear is now taken quite seriously by major fashion businesses, as sales have been soaring, and men are becoming fussier over what they wear.

What latest fashion trends do you like to follow?

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