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Natural Remedies: Three Surprising Uses for Echinacea

natural remedyScientists have been searching for the right elements to cure the common cold for centuries.

While we are not there yet, walking into any pharmacy is a clear indication of how far science has gone when it comes to relieving the symptoms of colds.

With the many options of medications, the sheer brain power it takes to select which cold medicine might be right for you may exert so much intellectual power and problem-solving that your immune system will weaken, and your symptoms will flourish.

All kidding aside, choosing the right medicines can be overwhelming and expensive. 

Benefits of  Echinacea

Sometimes it’s best to return to your roots, both literally and figuratively.

Our mothers and grandmothers may have known about the healing power of Echinacea. It’s an age-old, natural remedy that continues to stand the test of time.

Many studies have indicated that Echinacea is an effective natural remedy for symptoms of the common cold. Check out Seven Seas to learn more about Echinacea.

Many individuals choose to take advantage of health benefits of Echinacea on a regular basis as a preventative measure for colds, or just at the time cold symptoms begin to set in as an effort to lessen the severity of cold symptoms.

Many people don’t know, however, that Echinacea is also used as a natural remedy for a variety of other ailments.

If it serves as a powerful supplement during cold season, chances are that it can also influence your body in the following ways:

Echinacea Uses:

1. Women’s Issues

Echinacea has demonstrated elements that help combat other infections, such as Urinary Tract Infections and yeast infections.

If your body is prone to either of these ailments, give Echinacea a try to see if it can help alleviate some of the causes and symptoms naturally. Echinacea has also demonstrated healing qualities for genital herpes.

2. Fatigue

Many people all over the world suffer from fatigue, and many falsely believe that they must simply bear it.

They continue to go home from work exhausted night after night, only to get up the next day and repeat.

This is no way to enjoy your life – it’s time to be tested and figure out what you need to live long and live well.

Many people suffer from fatigue, a tiredness that goes far beyond missing a few nights of sleep.

Echinacea has been shown to help relieve fatigue when taken consistently.

On top of Echinacea, get out and exercise a little each day, and try to get a good night’s rest each night. Revel in your downtime.

3. Skin Conditions

Skin conditions were bad enough as a teenager, but many individuals in their 20s and 30s still experience acne breakouts as they age and hormones change.

It’s a wonder that many of today’s skincare companies stay in business, with the multiple options that are often too harsh for many skin types.

Echinacea is an excellent skincare solution to help heal abscesses, skin wounds, ulcers, burns, eczema, psoriasis, and UV radiation skin damage. Best of all, it’s natural and gentle, which tends to be better for all types of skin.

Have you ever used Echinacea? What do you think about health benefits of Echinacea?

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Article by Elizabeth

Elizabeth is doing research on Echinacea and was surprised about this supplement’s multiple uses!

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8 Responses to “Natural Remedies: Three Surprising Uses for Echinacea”

  1. Derek Says:

    I have heard very little about echinacea before, but sounds like it’s a great natural remedy for common colds and fatigue. Thanks for sharing! I will recommend it to my wife who suffers from fatigue all the time.

  2. Elena Says:

    Hi Derek, I used it for skin condition before and it worked pretty good. So, I am glad the word gets spread out, because not a lot of people are familiar with Echinacea. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Pramod Says:

    Hey ! I wish there was some dose like polio that kept infections like common-cold , viral infections away ! Echinacea is indeed a powerful medicine …it would surely help a lot of people,
    Pramod recently posted..BlackBerry Q5 versus HTC One MiniMy Profile

  4. Elena Says:

    You are right Pramod, I think a natural remedy like Echinacea can be really good not only for common colds but also for a handful of other things. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. cj Says:

    Elena! I feel as though I am doing everything right, yet still feel fatigued way too often. Not always, just too much. The doc says I am the picture of health, so perhaps Echinacea is something to try. Thanks for a nice article!

  6. Elena Says:

    I feel the same way some days. I get enough sleep and eat a well-balanced diet but it seems that sometimes just feel so tired. Whether it’s a crazy busy lifestyle to blame for or something else but I am going to try Echinacea as well. Thanks for leaving your comment. Have a good one!

  7. Steve Says:

    Wow fatigue can be helped with ecinacea? I guess I’m one of those people who don’t know much about that stuff. I just thought it was a general remedy for the common cold. I guess I’m one of those people who need to learn more about it.
    Steve recently posted..7 Ways to Stop Wasting Life and Start Living ItMy Profile

  8. Elena Says:

    Hi Steve, glad you checked out our article on Echinacea. I did not know myself much about Echinacea until I posted this article written by Elizabeth. I guess we never stop learning!

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