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Stressed Out? Best Ways to Relax for Optimum Health

best ways to relax Feeling stressed out and tired all the time to the point you can’t even fall sleep?

If you are like many people, you have a number of important obligations. You may be the primary caregiver at home, in addition to holding down a demanding job.

Your social life, while enjoyable, is also frequently made up of important obligations. At times, it may seem as though your plate is overfull and you are way too stressed out. 

However, it is important to manage your stress levels, for your own health, and so that you are able to fulfill the demands and obligations that life places upon you. 

Incredibly Detrimental Effects of Stress

Feeling stressed out is actually a normal response to situations where humans feel threatened.

The hypothalamus, located in the base of your brain, triggers a series of responses that elevates your heart rate and blood pressure and gives you a temporary boost of energy through increased glucose production. 

At the same time, your immune, digestive, reproductive and growth systems are slowed or shut down.

This process makes up the “fight or flight” response that pumps adrenaline and cortisol through the body to allow you to respond appropriately to immediate danger.

However, chronic stress can impose a number of detrimental conditions onto the body.

Long periods of elevated cortisol and glucose production can result in digestive problems, weight gain, problems with memory and concentration, depression, sleep problems and heart disease.

Stress can also cause difficulties in managing ongoing health issues, such as high blood pressure or an ostomy that requires ongoing stoma care.

Stress Management Techniques to Avoid a Full Scale Meltdown

There are a number of self-help techniques that you can employ to minimize the detrimental effects of chronic stress.

For instance, try taking a few moments every day to enjoy a calming cup of unaffiliated tea or simply to sit outside to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Starting and maintaining a yoga practice can also reduce stress levels and enable you to handle stressors that may arise during your day.

Maintaining a healthy diet and a regular schedule that allows for sufficient sleep and rest is also an important strategy in controlling stress.

While some sources of stress are truly upsetting – for instance, an automobile accident or a serious injury involving a family member – other circumstances are not.

Getting stuck in traffic or discovering that the store is out of your favorite brand of coffee is annoying, but not worthy of being stressed out to a full-scale meltdown.

Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family can also help you see the humorous side of things that get you down.

Ways to Keep Your Sanity if Feeling Stressed Out

When self-help measures fail to produce measurable relief from stress, you should consider seeking professional help.

Join a support group of people who share similar circumstances, so that you can discuss your circumstances freely in an atmosphere where others understand what you are dealing with. Individual counseling and therapy can also be helpful.

If you are a primary caregiver for an elderly relative, you should arrange for relief care, so that you can take much needed breaks from time to time. Remember, there is no shame in admitting that you need help to deal with circumstances in your life.

What kind of techniques do you use when feeling stressed out? Please share your tips with us!

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14 Responses to “Stressed Out? Best Ways to Relax for Optimum Health”

  1. Sara Says:

    Finding the ways to relax is the key to staying healthy and enjoying your life. Relaxation helps you to release stress and it’s crucial in order to stay sane. Relaxation should be on everyone’s to-do list. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Elena Says:

    You are absolutely right Sara! Relaxation should put it on our every day to-do list, just like everything else. Thanks for checking out our article!

  3. cj Says:

    Elena! Excellent post! Reducing stress cannot be overstated in a healthy lifestyle. One of my faves is keeping stressful people, no matter their relation to me, far away. I can take care of the rest with relative ease. Have a tranquil one!!!
    cj recently posted..Speaking Your Language of LoveMy Profile

  4. James Molet (SavvyJames) Says:

    No doubt that learning how to recognize symptoms of stress, and how to alleviate them, is a key to physical and mental well-being.
    James Molet (SavvyJames) recently posted..Double Dose of 2008 Financial CrisisMy Profile

  5. Elena Says:

    Hi CJ, you are absolutely right about keeping stressful people away. I would say as well as negative, depressed people, etc. Creating positive and happy experiences should be our primary goal. Being organized throughout the day helps reducing stress levels and feeling better about our life. Thanks for your feedback CJ. It’s always nice to hear from you!

  6. Elena Says:

    That is true James! It must be the hardest part too. Sometimes we don’t recognize the symptoms of stress until it’s too late. It’s good to take a break at least a couple of times a day (even for 3-5 minutes) and relax, recharge our batteries, listen to your favorite music and snap out of the rat race we get stuck in a lot of times. Love hearing your feedback. Have a terrific and relaxing day James! :)

  7. Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter Says:

    I have been pretty good lately on the stress front, but I love to just relax, take a bath, read a book and breathe when I’m stressed. I try to push all of my responsibilities out of my head and focus on my stress and getting rid of it.
    Daisy @ Prairie Eco Thrifter recently posted..How to Take a Frugal (or Free) Vacation or TripMy Profile

  8. Elena Says:

    Great job on dealing with stress Daisy! Relaxation times is needed as much as work time. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Tammy R Says:

    Hi Elena, I like the sipping tea. It’s so simple but the smell, warmth, and act of preparing it can really be peaceful.

    I have started (or should I say re-started?) a daily meditation practice. It’s only a few minutes a day (5 – 10 right now), but I do notice that it carries through into other parts of my day.

    My favorite way to de-stress is to talk with CJ – usually over iced tea or coffee (usually decaf because caffeine stresses me out!). Thank you!

  10. Elena Says:

    Great idea Tammy! I love tea and sipping it to get relaxed and in piece with yourself can be very beneficial to your health. Thanks for checking out our article!

  11. Steve Says:

    Great tips on overcoming stress. I’m glad you mentioned tea since that’s one of my favorite things to do when I get stressed out. Another thing I like to do is just quiet my mind. Sometimes that means meditating, but even just closing my eyes and calming my thoughts for a minute or so can really bring my stress level down.
    Steve recently posted..An Amazing Story of Determination that Will Inspire You to Take ActionMy Profile

  12. Elena Says:

    Great thinking Steve! Just simple relaxation for a few minutes during the day can go a long way. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Jack Says:

    Good write up Elena ! Shared on my fb & twitter page.

    You have give really simple and easy to do steps to beat the stress. But I think there are lot of thing that we can actually do in our life to relieve stress, like listening to music, playing games, watching funny videos, hanging out with friends etc.

    I usually feel stressed after working for long hours on my computer, to beat this I stretch my muscles and spend time with family.
    Jack recently posted..Stress Relief – Ease Your Stress With Casual GamesMy Profile

  14. Elena Says:

    Great tips Jack! I like stretching and walking after spending long hours on the computer as well. Thanks for your feed back and have a good day!

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