Fabulous Winter Adventure Travel Destination You’ll Love

Adventure TravelAdventure travel in winter? Sounds like fun!

Nobody likes cold and gloomy weather, and many of us try to take a little vacation to make our winter season more fun and exciting.

So, if you are thinking about fun adventure travel after the holiday season, there are so many fabulous winter travel destinations to choose from!

Which one should you pick?

Here is one of my favorite top travel destinations picks that I absolutely love! Read the full article…»

Adventure Travel: Fun Activities in Sydney

fun activitiesDo you like adventure travel and dreaming about going to Sydney, Australia?

You are going to be amazed on how many fun activities you can do in Sydney.

Australia is a country with vast unexplored regions and a large amount of untapped resources.

From the time of European settlement in the late 19th century until today, Australia still contains loads of surprises for its visitors and tourists.

A good example of this is the city of Sydney, Australia’s biggest and most populous city and a perfect place for adventure travel.  Read the full article…»

Breathtaking Adventure Travel in Costa Rica

adventure tripSummer is almost here!

It is time to make vacation plans.

Never done Costa Rica vacation? For travelers who enjoy adventure travel, Costa Rica offers great options.


Located in Central America, Costa Rica has two water border coastlines.

The Pacific Ocean is on the west coast with over 600 miles of coastline.

The Caribbean Sea on the east coast has over 130 miles of coastline.

Volcanoes, Mountains and More

There are 112 volcanoes and 132 craters with impressive characteristic in Costa Rica which are one of the biggest tourist attractions.  Read the full article…»

Discover the Most Romantic Burgh Island Hotel in Devon

Romantic hotelsIf you are thinking of touring amazing Devon you should look into cheap car hire and any money you save can be used to experience a real 1930’s “house party” in one of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Any visit to Burgh Island in Bigbury Bay, on the south coast, 18 miles south east of Plymouth is a wonderful treat, just for the natural beauty of the area.

But topping the visit with a stay at the famous Burgh Island Hotel is what dreams are made of. Read the full article…»

San Diego: One of the Top Travel Destinations

San Diego beachesI just got back from my trip to San Diego located in Southern California, and I should confess: it’s one of my favorite travel destinations.

If you live on the West Coast, there is nothing better than going and spending time in this beautiful city in summer.

A lot of people living in Phoenix, Arizona, plan a getaway in summer to avoid the heat. Read the full article…»

Egypt – Exploring the Heritage of the Ancient World

Egypt is one of the most amazing and oldest civilizations in the world.

Even nowadays it still draws thousands of visitors every day.

Magnificent ancient monuments, Africa’s largest city, Cairo, Nile Cruises and the Red Sea coast are among its most popular attractions.

Here are a few interesting facts about Egypt:

Location: Egypt is located in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Libya is on the west and the Gaza Strip and the Red Sea make up the eastern border.   Read the full article…»

Traveling by Train

Have you ever traveled by train?

It is incredible, exciting and quite educational.

Train travel is a vestige of a slower, more relaxed time.

Today’s trains offer the world on track.

Why do I love traveling by train so much?

Because it’s the best way to kick back, put up your feet and watch the world go by: the seas and mountains of the Pacific West, the golden maples of New England in autumn or beautiful Colorado River winding through rock canyons. Read the full article…»

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