Quick Guide to Budgeting for Home Improvement Projects

budgetingEvery home needs improving from time to time.

We have all experienced leaky roofs, tired kitchens with drawers that keep falling out and a handful of other frustrating issues.

Whether you have necessary home remodeling to make such as new roof, or desired home improvement projects like a new home office, you always have to do some budgeting for them.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people do not do enough of budget planning.

Paying for the home improvement projects with a credit card and deciding to worry about it later is not the best way to go.  Read the full article…»

Your Checklist to Financial Success

I have always liked checklists.

They help me to organize things better and get accomplished more in my life.

When I am eager to make progress in a certain area, but I don’t exactly know what steps to take, I sit down, think it through and make a list of things that will take me to my goal.

Here you will find my personal financial checklist that pretty much covers all of the steps, that I have taken in the past 20 years of my life to become and stay financially successful. Read the full article…»

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