8 Crucial Steps to Achieving Financial Freedom

achieving financial freedomFinancial freedom refers to the control that one should have over their time without actually worrying about the fact that they have to pay the bills or miss any remarkable experience with family and friends.

While growing up what most of us have learnt about money, wealth and income are not absolutely true.

This is quite justified as these thoughts have come up from people either from your family members or teachers who have always taught us to value money. 

Since childhood we have been listening to our elders talking about the ways to save money for their future.

This is the tradition that has been followed by them and they even want us to follow their footsteps.

The more the money, the more tension a person has to bear.

So I thought of discussing with our readers a few practical steps for achieving financial freedom and independence.

This step-by-step guide has been designed so that one can finally discover a few secrets for freeing themselves and staying away from money troubles. Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: Five No-Brainer Ways to Make Money

Make MoneyWe all need money before and after the holidays, but sometimes we don’t realize that we actually have more money than we think.

Success in Personal Finance

Successful personal finance starts with an occasional evaluation of what we have, and what we need and don’t need.

If you go through your closets – you don’t need to wait for spring cleaning to do that – you can find quite a few things that you do not need and can sell or donate for tax deductions.

And the best time to do it – at the end of the year.

Would you not like to get a bigger tax return in April because you made some donations at the end of the year? I bet you would!

Here are my five no-brainer ways to make money I came up with that helped me to get a good chunk of cash while I was not working for a while. Read the full article…»

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