Personal Finance: Talking Points You Must Discuss Before Taking the Plunge

Personal Finance TipsWhile statistics of causes for divorce are all over the place, money issues are on most top five lists.

Personal finances can be uncomfortable or even embarrassing to talk about, so it is no wonder that couples sometimes don’t divulge their financial secrets with one another.

However, as they say, communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage.

Here are five things regarding personal finance couples should discuss before marriage.  Read the full article…»

Why Becoming Debt Free is Your Ultimate Stress Reliever

how to become debt freeStudies show a discernible connection between debt and stress, and while that’s certainly interesting to hear, it should really come as no surprise to those of us who’ve ever been in the red.  It’s simply taxing to live behind the proverbial eight ball, regardless of whether we are talking about personal finance, work, or even something as mundane as household chores.

So, the obvious question we need to ask ourselves is how do the 69% of people who report money being their main source of stress, according to the American Psychological Association, lessen the burden on both their wallets and their minds by becoming debt free?

There are indeed a number of strategies you can employ to both minimize the impact of stress while you are working to pay off what you owe as well as make your journey to debt free living as short and inexpensive as possible.  Read the full article…»

3 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get Out of Debt

save moneyLooking for effective ways to get out of debt?

Debt can often be a confronting problem that can start to affect our everyday lives.

The stress that debt can cause can prevent us from sleeping and eating properly, further effecting our health and wellbeing.

With so many options out there, appearing in our inboxes each day, telling us how to get debt free, but always sounding too good to be true, it is hard to know what steps to take to begin paving the way to personal financial freedom.

Here are some tips that will help you to better understand what steps you need to take today to get out of debt faster.  Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: 5 Important Things to Know About Debt

personal finance

Debt is seen by many people to be a bad thing.

If you are in debt, you get included in statistics that highlight why the country is struggling under a mountain of personal finance.

However, the good news is that debt is just like chocolate, wine and food – it’s okay in moderation.

Here are 5 things that everyone ought to know about debt, debt management and debt elimination.

It might make you feel better about your current situation.  Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

financial planThere is no doubt that personal finance is very important to all of us.

In fact, new study links financial planning with health and happiness.

For the majority of Americans money is a leading cause of stress, and we are definitely losing precious sleep over it – an average of 21 (!) hours each month from stress.

The good news is that your personal finance does not have to be complicated, and just by establishing a few healthy financial habits can help you not only achieve your financial goals, but also take money worries off your mind, reduce stress and actually improve your overall well being.  Read the full article…»

5 Steps to Make Your Personal Finance a Success in 2012

Get out of DebtThinking about upcoming New Year?

For many of us it starts with new resolutions.

We give ourselves a bunch of promises like: I am going to lose weight and eat healthier… I am going to save money… etc.

Sounds familiar?

But how often do we actually keep those promises and for how long?

Our new year’s resolutions regarding personal finance as well as our health should be of a high priority to us.

If you really want to make some important financial resolutions, I would suggest putting them in writing with the steps on how to accomplish them with specific deadlines. Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: Five No-Brainer Ways to Make Money

Make MoneyWe all need money before and after the holidays, but sometimes we don’t realize that we actually have more money than we think.

Success in Personal Finance

Successful personal finance starts with an occasional evaluation of what we have, and what we need and don’t need.

If you go through your closets – you don’t need to wait for spring cleaning to do that – you can find quite a few things that you do not need and can sell or donate for tax deductions.

And the best time to do it – at the end of the year.

Would you not like to get a bigger tax return in April because you made some donations at the end of the year? I bet you would!

Here are my five no-brainer ways to make money I came up with that helped me to get a good chunk of cash while I was not working for a while. Read the full article…»

Your Checklist to Financial Success

I have always liked checklists.

They help me to organize things better and get accomplished more in my life.

When I am eager to make progress in a certain area, but I don’t exactly know what steps to take, I sit down, think it through and make a list of things that will take me to my goal.

Here you will find my personal financial checklist that pretty much covers all of the steps, that I have taken in the past 20 years of my life to become and stay financially successful. Read the full article…»

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