How to Save Money for Your Dream Home

save moneyThere is a beautiful saying by Robert Montgomery: “A house is made of walls and beams, a home is built with love and dreams”.

It really does take a lot of dreams and love, great excitement and effort, as well as many sacrifices to save money, in order to achieve a wonderful goal of having your own dream home.

If you are still debating deep in your heart and trying to weigh all pros and cons of buying versus renting, you will find the answer in your heart.

In spite of the uncertainty of the current housing market and fewer loan options for home buyers, we all well know that there are a lot of great benefits of owning a home and just to name a few:  Read the full article…»

Minor Adjustments: Habits that Help You Stay Financially Healthy

save moneyIt’s easy to think that cutting back a few dollars here and there won’t have a significant impact on your savings.

However, over time, small decreases in spending, as well as wise investments, can help you save a significant amount of money.

If you save just a dollar a day, you’ll have $365 extra at the end of the year to spend on clothing, meals during a vacation, or donate to charity.

Here are a few small but significant ways you can cut back on spending without sacrificing your quality of life or the things you love to stay financially healthy for a long run.  Read the full article…»

5 Alternative Ways to Save Money

ways to saveLooking for alternative ways to save money?

Unfortunately, regular savings accounts currently pay such a low interest rate that many savers seek out good alternatives in order to increase earnings.

There are many ways to save, but some are riskier than others.

It is natural to want to protect your savings and also to get the best return for entrusting your money to a financial institution.

As long as the economic climate keeps interest rates low, this will be a challenge.

There are many ways to save money beyond having a traditional savings account at a bank.  Read the full article…»

10 Monthly Bills You Can Save Money On

how can i save moneyLooking for some ways to save money by cutting your monthly expenses to increase your savings?

Whether you are trying to save money for a large purchase like a house or a car, or just pay off your credit cards or set up an emergency fund, there are a lot of different ways to cut your monthly expenses to get ahead.

Many of us can easily save money on expenses like dining out, daily lattes, impulsive shopping, investing too much on gadgets and everything else that contributes to unwise spending.

It is a wise thing also to take a look at your monthly bills and ask yourself a question: How can I save money?

I am sure you will find creative ways to save money on most – if not all your bills – to live a happier and more financially secure life.

Once you figure out how to budget and save money, you can realize the true value of it, and can fulfill dreams and aspirations of yourself as well as your family.

Here are a few money saving tips that will help you to save money on 10 monthly bills:  Read the full article…»

Quick Guide to Budgeting for Home Improvement Projects

budgetingEvery home needs improving from time to time.

We have all experienced leaky roofs, tired kitchens with drawers that keep falling out and a handful of other frustrating issues.

Whether you have necessary home remodeling to make such as new roof, or desired home improvement projects like a new home office, you always have to do some budgeting for them.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of people do not do enough of budget planning.

Paying for the home improvement projects with a credit card and deciding to worry about it later is not the best way to go.  Read the full article…»

3 Incredibly Effective Ways to Get Out of Debt

save moneyLooking for effective ways to get out of debt?

Debt can often be a confronting problem that can start to affect our everyday lives.

The stress that debt can cause can prevent us from sleeping and eating properly, further effecting our health and wellbeing.

With so many options out there, appearing in our inboxes each day, telling us how to get debt free, but always sounding too good to be true, it is hard to know what steps to take to begin paving the way to personal financial freedom.

Here are some tips that will help you to better understand what steps you need to take today to get out of debt faster.  Read the full article…»

5 Ways to Save Money by Lowering Your Car Insurance

save money

The prices of car insurance policies are a pressing concern for every motorist today.

A low premium on auto insurance is something that everyone desires, but most simply accept what they are offered.

With a little effort and a little patience the truth is that almost every driver can get a cheaper car insurance. 

1. Get a Reasonable Car

Everyone wants to drive around in a fast, luxury sports car.

However, if this discribes you, then you can kiss a low auto insurance premium goodbye.  Read the full article…»

5 Steps to Make Your Personal Finance a Success in 2012

Get out of DebtThinking about upcoming New Year?

For many of us it starts with new resolutions.

We give ourselves a bunch of promises like: I am going to lose weight and eat healthier… I am going to save money… etc.

Sounds familiar?

But how often do we actually keep those promises and for how long?

Our new year’s resolutions regarding personal finance as well as our health should be of a high priority to us.

If you really want to make some important financial resolutions, I would suggest putting them in writing with the steps on how to accomplish them with specific deadlines. Read the full article…»

Personal Finance: Five No-Brainer Ways to Make Money

Make MoneyWe all need money before and after the holidays, but sometimes we don’t realize that we actually have more money than we think.

Success in Personal Finance

Successful personal finance starts with an occasional evaluation of what we have, and what we need and don’t need.

If you go through your closets – you don’t need to wait for spring cleaning to do that – you can find quite a few things that you do not need and can sell or donate for tax deductions.

And the best time to do it – at the end of the year.

Would you not like to get a bigger tax return in April because you made some donations at the end of the year? I bet you would!

Here are my five no-brainer ways to make money I came up with that helped me to get a good chunk of cash while I was not working for a while. Read the full article…»

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