Save Your Marriage: Six Steps to Setting Off a Loving Chain Reaction

save your marriageWhen a married couple begins having relationship trouble, they usually turn to counseling as a first line of defense against divorce.

Although couples counseling can certainly help repair a rocky union, recent studies suggest that relationships improve even when just one spouse seeks out professional help.

Beyond that, experts have found that couples tend to fare better when the wife attends marriage therapy sessions alone.  Read the full article…»

How to Stop Divorce: 5 Tips for Saving Your Marriage

save your marriageHaving marriage problems and seriously thinking about getting a divorce?

Divorce is a tough procedure and the person going through it can only explain of misery of getting divorced.

Divorce comes with a complete package of anger and sorrow, and one should always try to do everything possible to stop divorce.

If the divorce is dragged into litigation, then it will make  things worse and the chances of settling the divorce quickly will diminish.

Now the question is how to stop divorce and try to save your marriage?  Read the full article…»

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