Fabulous Winter Adventure Travel Destination You’ll Love

Adventure TravelAdventure travel in winter? Sounds like fun!

Nobody likes cold and gloomy weather, and many of us try to take a little vacation to make our winter season more fun and exciting.

So, if you are thinking about fun adventure travel after the holiday season, there are so many fabulous winter travel destinations to choose from!

Which one should you pick?

Here is one of my favorite top travel destinations picks that I absolutely love! Read the full article…»

San Diego: One of the Top Travel Destinations

San Diego beachesI just got back from my trip to San Diego located in Southern California, and I should confess: it’s one of my favorite travel destinations.

If you live on the West Coast, there is nothing better than going and spending time in this beautiful city in summer.

A lot of people living in Phoenix, Arizona, plan a getaway in summer to avoid the heat. Read the full article…»

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