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The Pregnancy Workout – Good Or Bad Idea

pregnancy tipsUnfortunately, during the pregnancy a lot of women feel depressed and uncomfortable.

They put on weight and in most of the cases the only thing they’re supposed to do is to stay at home and relax. However, there are many ways in which a pregnant woman can keep her body fit and healthy.

The most effective one is fitness and exercises.

But which pregnancy workout to choose? What sports are the best for you? Is it a bad idea to do some exercises? 

And, the most important question – is pregnancy workout healthy for your baby? Here are some answers to these very important questions.

Before you decide to do some sport, the first thing you need to do is to consult with a doctor.

We know it sounds obvious, but it is very important to know whether your pregnancy condition allows you to do some exercises, or not. Otherwise you can put yourself and your baby in danger.

Physical exercises are actually quite beneficial for pregnant women. If done properly, they are  very healthy and  can help you get rid of the discomfort during this vulnerable period. Here are some of the most appropriate sports for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Workout Tips #1: Swimming

swimming during pregnancyIf you are pregnant, swimming is an excellent opportunity for you to cool off.

Especially in the summer, when the temperatures can be unbearable.

Also, it reduces the unpleasant pain in the back, helps you to reduce stress and is a great training for your body and heart.

Pregnancy Workout Tips #2. Walking

This is another good alternative to fitness during the pregnancy.

Take your spouse or  your best friend and you will be surprised of how relaxing it can be.

Walking at least 3 kilometers a day provides your body with oxygen; helps you put off some weight and also reduces the pressure and stress.

On the other hand, sunny walks can charge you with energy and positiveness for the whole day.

Pregnancy Workout Tips #3. Yoga

pregnancy workoutIt is extremely  useful during the pregnancy. Doing some yoga exercises helps you relieve from the stress and pain, and increases the flexibility of your joints.

Also, yoga after birth helps you cope with postpartum depression.

Nevertheless, do not forget that all the yoga exercises have to be considered very carefully.

Otherwise, as we already mentioned, you can hurt yourself. In order to make sure that you’re doing the right exercises, you will have to find a proper yoga teacher or a coach.

No matter what type of fitness or exercises you choose, remember that you have to be very careful, because you are now responsible not only for yourself, but also for the little human being growing inside of you.

Very Inappropriate Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

  • Underwater swimming – In this type of sport you are supposed to hold your breath, which is not very appropriate since it can cause dizziness or even some more serious consequences.
  • Skiing
  • Riding a horse
  • Jumps
  • Intensive aerobic workloads
  • Strength trainings

All these exercises are too dynamic and no matter how much fun they can be, you will have to forget about them.

They are inappropriate and unnecessarily loading.

Also, you mustn’t do any exercises when the weather is very hot or the humidity is too high.

Try to choose wisely the most appropriate sport for you and always trust your body signals.

If you suddenly feel pain, nausea, chills or you start bleeding, stop  and immediately consult with your doctor.

What kind of pregnancy workout do you use? Please share your tips with us!

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Author Bio:

Connie Jameson is blogger, writer and health maniac. She is interested in everything related to health and end of tenancy clean w7. She would love to be able to help to people.

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