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3 Things to Consider When Organizing an Office Party

office party ideasLet’s face it: we all love office parties.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you operate in, the office party is likely to be a highlight in your organisation’s calendar.

The office party is a great way to get workers to socialise with each other and provide an opportunity to look back at all the positive things your company has done recently, but it’s important such events are planned properly.

Of course, the ongoing difficulties in the economy have meant many businesses have scaled back or even cancelled regular parties, especially festive celebrations – according to research by CWT Meetings & Events, some 41 per cent of UK companies didn’t plan an office Christmas party in 2011.

Obviously, holding an annual office party can be expensive, but whatever money you may save by not having one could pale in comparison to the damaging effect it will have on staff morale. 

Indeed, findings from CWT show two-thirds of managers believe having a seasonal celebration is an important way to both reward and retain staff, whether it’s a summer get-together or a formal Christmas event.

Although, it’s unlikely that employees would leave in their droves just because there aren’t enough office parties or social events to attend, it’s worth remembering that such parties present a tangible way for managers to show that their team’s efforts over the last year have been appreciated.

Here are three top office party ideas you need to consider to ensure your office party is a success.

Office Party Ideas #1. Location 

Although having the celebrations take place in your office will save money, I don’t think it’s the most conducive environment to helping staff feel at ease and socialise, even if its decorated well!

Instead, you should hire a function room at a centrally-located bar, hotel or restaurant that is easy for people to reach, as well as being close to transport links that enable them to get home safely at the end of the night.

Office Party Ideas #2. Food

Whether you are planning a buffet or a sitdown meal, it is important to ensure food that all guests can eat is available at your party.

This means you should ask all those who are attending to let you know if they have any special dietary requirements (for example, if they have allergies or don’t eat certain foods for religious reasons) several days in advance, so suitable options can be prepared.

Office Party Ideas #3. Rewards 

Although throwing a party in itself is a good way to thank staff for their efforts, I think it is worth giving away awards during the night.

You might want to reward individual workers and/or departments for their efforts (one company I used to work for gave a trophy to the best performing sales team for that year at the office Christmas party).

Whether you are giving out fun prizes or more serious ones that are based on performance, issuing gifts to employees can enable them to look back at the office party and, by extension, your company, with fond memories.

Purchase corporate gifts that are not just useful (for example, picture frames and pen sets), but are also made from high-quality materials such as chrome and leather.

You can find out more about some of the items that make effective business gifts to give out at work parties by clicking here.

If you are currently planning an office party, what kind of fun and memorable things are you lining up for your colleagues? 

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6 Responses to “3 Things to Consider When Organizing an Office Party”

  1. Shailender Says:

    Location matters a lot for any party. Location build your mind and make it memorable. Plus delicious food add taste to the party.
    Shailender recently posted..How to get white and healthy teeth naturallyMy Profile

  2. Elena Says:

    I totally agree with you Shailender. Location does matter a lot when you are planning a party – almost as much as delicious food. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Caesar F Says:

    The first two points I can agree on. The third one I think would create resentment amongst the employees if one gets the reward over the other when they may not deserve it.
    Caesar F recently posted..Where Can I Get a Loan On My Car Title?My Profile

  4. Elena Says:

    I see you point Caesar. It can happen sometimes, but I would say giving away fun prizes is always a highlight of every office party, even if prizes are rather small. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Steve Says:

    I love the office parties where it’s a buffet and people bring in what they can. Although I would suggest someone to oversee that kind of party. I went to one office party where they did that and almost everyone brought chips. There wasn’t much food to go around and what was there went quickly.

    I love your idea of rewarding people. that’s a good way to make people feel good about the work they’re doing. It might make them work harder in the future too so they can get another party.
    Steve recently posted..How to Pursue Your Dreams When Surrounded by Unsupportive PeopleMy Profile

  6. Tacoma gym Says:

    I do agree with the Shailender idea, place does matter for a party. Choose right place and enjoy the fun.

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