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Three Movies to Inspire Toward Healthy Change

healthy changeIt’s interesting to imagine the transformation of movies since silent films first came out in the early 20th Century.

Films have become so much more than entertainment, though even documentaries have elements of entertainment in them.

Nowadays, movies are used in so many different ways, and documentaries are often the real-life look we need into a different life in order for us to learn more about ourselves and our needs, and inspire healthy change.

Here are a few great films that have a unique perspective on health. 

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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead


This interesting documentary follows the life of a man who is dealing with a rare skin disease, smoking, excessive stress, and poor eating habits.

Through a series of meetings with doctors and nutritionists, he comes to the conclusion that he must drastically change his eating and exercise habits in order to be healthy again.

The film depicts his life as he experiments with juicing to give his body the proper nutrients it needs, and he slowly adapts to an intentionally healthy lifestyle.

The skin disease and many of the ailments that previously affected him are gone, simply by proper nutrition and exercise.  

Super Size Me


This film came out several years ago to mixed responses from movie-goers.

Winner of best director at Sundance, Super Size Me looks at what would happen if an individual ate only McDonalds food during a 30-day period.

The bad diet had a significant effect on its protagonist and director, Morgan Spurlock.

As a result, the Spurlock gained 24 pounds, had a 13% body mass increase, and his cholesterol level spiked to 230.

He also experienced mood swings and sexual dysfunction, all because of his diet.

This fantastic documentary reveals some of the truths we all ought to be aware of when we reach for the fast food.

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Forks Over Knives


Forks Over Knives explores the claim that most of our health ailments can be solved through proper nutrition.

No matter what you believe about vegetarianism and veganism, Forks Over Knives helps create some rhetoric around these health choices.

What other movies you have seen can inspire toward healthy change?



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One Response to “Three Movies to Inspire Toward Healthy Change”

  1. Steve Says:

    Great list. I’ve already seen the first two, but Forks Over Knives is one I haven’t seen before. I might just have to check it out.

    Another health-oriented movie is fathead. It’s a response to Super Size Me with someone trying to lose weight by eating nothing, but McDonald’s food. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it’s still interesting to see what he has to say about health.
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