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Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Exciting and Passionate

Most people experience a time when their relationship gets kind of boring.

As couples grow close, after years of sharing highs and lows in the relationship and sharing all of the aspects of their lives with each other, it can become increasingly difficult to create an atmosphere which is sexually stimulating.

After a person has seen you through illnesses and morning breath; bad moods and very bad hair days, it can be quite a challenge to keep the passion alive.

While the concept of getting away from your routine, so that you can enjoy each other in a new atmosphere may not be a new one, many couples struggle with how to go about creating the right situation. Here are a few tips on that:

New Location. Part of what keep a marriage running smoothly is familiarity. This can also work against you when you are trying to spice things up a bit in the romance department. Familiar surroundings are a wonderful and comfortable thing, but in order to create a more exciting environment you may have to look elsewhere.

Taking a vacation is a great idea. Even couples with kids often find that with many vacations they are able to steal sometime away together without the children. If possible, try to find an exotic location where you and your partner have little or no contact with things that will remind you of your normal life.

Because most people are choose to take on certain roles in their daily lives, they are often limited by that role when it comes to behavior. This can apply to the bedroom just as easily as all other parts of life, and therefore can make it difficult to make changes to your physical routine.

Whether you choose to take a road trip to a little bed and breakfast out of town; or seek out a long, luxurious cruise, changing your surroundings can do wonders for your physical relationship.

Carefree. Whether or not you are able to get away from your normal surroundings, it is important to set aside the aspects of your life that can cause difficulties with romance. Making a clear cut time that does not include family or work of any kind is very important so that you are able to focus all of your attention on your partner.

Even such important issues as finance should be dealt with before you make your escape; e.g. if you and your partner are to take a vacation, plan your spending before hand and allow for only that set amount of money while you are away, this will prevent having to worry about money issues when you’re trying to think only about your relationship.

If you have anything to resolve at home, do it before you leave and make you feel good about any ongoing care for those things you are leaving behind so that you do not feel compelled to check on them constantly (e.g.: children or pets.)

New Interests. During your busy lives together you and your partner may have had difficulties in exploring new interests that you both share, but simply never have time for. Making time for these new and interesting activities is important and can greatly help in allowing a sense of fun in your relationship. Hobbies or adventures that are different from your normal activities will allow both you and your partner to break away from your current roles, even if only temporarily and may go a long way toward igniting that spark you have been missing.

Affection. Many people feel very shy about showing affection in public, or in some cases, in any place that isn’t dark and removed. This is usually a sign that there is a problem, either with the relationship, or the person’s own feelings. Allowing yourself to express feelings and physical affection can bring a new sense of excitement to your relationship.

Many couples try to find public places where they can openly lavish each other with different forms of flirting and physical affection; while it is not only risky, but illegal in many places to actually engage in sexual situations in public, sharing intimate moments that will later lead to these acts while in the company of strangers can be very exciting.

The general idea is that because you are surrounded by people, you are not allowed to become completely engaged in a sexual act, this tactic can create a feeling of wanting and urgency that can cause for some very passionate results later on.

On a Date. Because so many couples become familiar with each other, they often forget that the daily kissing or close proximity to one another was not so long ago something that they could only hope for in the future. When most people meet there are certain restrictions on where a person can touch another, or how close they are able to be to that person without making them feel uncomfortable. Bringing back this sense of the forbidden can really help to bring some heat into the bedroom later on.

Couples who make a regular date together may not experience this sort of feeling, because they are keeping the same familiarity with them wherever they go; instead allow yourselves to treat each other as interesting strangers, who you are not able to act so freely with. Allowing for some removed contact such as romantic emails; chatting online; romantic letters or cards; even a sexy phone call can help to create a different atmosphere for people who usually share the same roof.

Recreating these first few dates and experiences can help you to remember not only how exciting it was in the beginning of your relationship, but renew your love and affection for one another as you get to know each other all over again.

Role Playing. Perhaps one of the most difficult and also very rewarding is successful; ways to spice up your romantic life is to adopt completely new roles. This frees the imagination and allows for unlimited possibilities while excluding your daily lives so that the mundane is kept out of the picture.

Wearing costumes; changing your setting and even playing at acting can give each of you a sense that you are with a new person, without having to cheat. When both people in the relationship feel comfortable with this idea the results can be very satisfying.

Fantasies. Many people have fantasies that they have kept secret for years, in some cases their entire sexually aware life, and to be allowed not only to share them openly with their partner, but to possibly be able to act them out is intensely exciting. Having a discussion with your partner about what each of you might enjoy in the bedroom can be a wonderful way to bring you closer together while creating some very pleasurable experiences.

Surprise. The element of surprise is often a great way to stimulate sexual feelings between you and your partner. This idea can be applied to anything from a romantic getaway to a special gift. The unexpected transports many people immediately away from any stresses or mundane thoughts and instead makes them feel refreshed and excited.

Depending on how receptive you believe your partner to be this idea can be included in role playing and elaborate staging as well in order to completely sweep you and your partner away from your normal, daily lives.

The best first step in spicing up your romantic life is usually to inquire about your partner’s feelings on the matter. Often you will find that they too have been wanting something special and together you have an excellent chance of discovering some new ways to keep your physical relationship new and exciting.

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3 Responses to “Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Exciting and Passionate”

  1. kandiie Says:

    these tips were very useful when i felt like my relationship with my wife was going down the drain and then once i read this i felt a sigh of relief. as the day went by i decided to role play with her.. we role played and it brought back our spark and even more. thanks for your tips they really helped a lot and saved our relationship.

  2. Elena Says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! I greatly appreciate it! I am glad my article could help you in any way! Good luck with everything!

  3. Sonya Arkenberg Says:

    Wonderful site, also it appears like you have a lot much more site visitors as well, since the last period I was right here. Ciao!

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