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Valentine’s Day, Kissing Tips and Much More

Love adviceValentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air.

Opinions about Valentine’s Day definitely differ. 

Some people love it, like Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts.

Others hate it, like Drew Barrymore, Ashton Kutcher and Carrie Underwood.

They say they are not anti-romantic or anything, but there should be a Valentine’s Day every day.

And you don’t need a special gift for Valentine’s Day.

This holiday is not about Teddy Bears or diamonds.

Absolutely! You can celebrate it without spending a dime.

Here are some romantic ideas.

It should be magical and spontaneous.

Whether you hate it or love – you have got the point.

But how about just slowing down one day a year and making that person you love feel very special?

We all get too busy with our lives, jobs, kids, responsibilities…

Do we really make our loved ones feel so special all the time? Definitely, no!

So let’s slow down at least once a year and find a perfect romantic card…

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…or write a little love poem

…or make a surprise dinner and pick our favorite music CD or a romantic movie…

Let’s be creative and fun and spontaneous, and remember why we fell in love with that person in the first place, and try to keep our relationship exciting and passionate.

And also do not forget to give that special person of yours a wonderful kiss that you both will remember for the rest of the year.

If you forgot how…

Here is a super fun YouTube Video to remind you how beautiful it can be.

Enjoy the video and Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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3 Responses to “Valentine’s Day, Kissing Tips and Much More”

  1. rangkayo Says:

    Valentine culture is not popular in my country. I dont understand what this day mean and what for
    rangkayo recently posted..The Effective Way To Lose Weight With Green CoffeeMy Profile

  2. Elena Says:

    Hello there, yes, I agree with you. Not all the countries celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day of love and appreciation for loved ones. The US is one of the few that has this holiday. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Steve Says:

    This post was just in time for me. Seriously I was just starting to think of Valentine’s gifts today. I’m starting to think I might make something, but I did that recently as a gift. Or I might buy something from the story even though it seems so impersonal. But whatever it is, you’re right that it should be fun and creative – something that will remind us why we love each other.
    Steve recently posted..Why Being Rich Is Not Necessary for a Good LifeMy Profile

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