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Wedding Ideas for Planning a Fabulous Last-Minute Wedding

wedding tipsThe beauty of organizing a wedding at short notice is that you can retain your initial excitement without it turning into worry and stress.

Some couples spend years planning their big day, which can mean a build-up of expectations.

If you prefer to go with the flow when it comes to your wedding, a last-minute celebration could be the ideal way to ensure the focus is on the meaning of the day, rather than meticulous attention to detail.

Keep reading for some ideas for small weddings at short notice.

Wedding Ideas #1. Forget ‘Save the Date’ Cards

A last-minute wedding needn’t be a formal affair with regards to invitations that have taken months to order, produce and send out; email is a quick, simple and free way of contacting those closest to you and inviting them to be a part of your special day.

Alternatively, you could simply get in touch with friends and relatives by giving them a telephone call, which will make the invitation even more personal than sending an email en mass.

Wedding Ideas #2. Get Your Documents Together

Even romantic last-minute weddings require some planning, and without the necessary legal documents your big day might not happen at all, so make sure you have time to get together the necessary paperwork.

If you plan to get married in the UK or USA, you’ll need documents to prove your name, address, date of birth and nationality, and if one partner has been married or entered into a civil partnership previously, they will need evidence that this has ended.

Passports, birth certificates and travel documents are among the paperwork you may need.

Wedding Ideas #3. Do Some DIY

You can probably arrange much of the wedding yourself rather than relying on outside sources; for example, you can easily make place cards for the reception, decorations for the venue and favors for your wedding guests.

Visit your local arts and crafts store for materials like card, glue, diamantes and ribbon and you’ll be set to start crafting!

Meanwhile, if you know people who could help you have the perfect last-minute wedding, such as a local cake-baker or an amateur dress-maker with proven skills, ask them to pitch in as early as you can.

If you know them personally they may be willing to help ensure your big day goes without a hitch and could have less of a workload than professionals based in shops.

Wedding Ideas #4. Forgo Formal Flowers

You’ll usually have to order your wedding flowers well in advance of your nuptials, but if the big day is impending then you might need to try less conventional avenues if you want blooms on your wedding day.

Visit a wholesale florist and pick out the flowers you like best, asking for advice on which blooms go best with different types of foliage until you have a good idea of what will make a perfect bouquet or table centre pieces.

You can then either decide to pick up flowers from the florists a day or so before the wedding and create your own bouquets and posies, or order blooms online via flower delivery websites.

An alternative is to forgo traditional bouquets altogether in favor of a posy of feather, buttons or even sweets, as brides are increasingly opting for unconventional alternatives to fresh flowers.

An antique fan, a clutch bag and a bouquet of seashells are just a few other options to consider.

What are your wedding ideas on how to make your special day absolutely unforgettable?

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2 Responses to “Wedding Ideas for Planning a Fabulous Last-Minute Wedding”

  1. Steve Says:

    I think these are great tips. You can use these for more than last minute weddings, but also for when things go wrong. Let’s say your florist makes a huge mistake. You could use your tips on flowers to make last minute arrangements.

    I love the email tip. I wanted to do that for my wedding, but both sets of parents wouldn’t go for it.
    Steve recently posted..8 Reasons to Never Give UpMy Profile

  2. Elena Says:

    Great point, Steve! I made my wedding bouquet all by myself which saved me a lot of money. I bought white roses, pink lilies, white and pink ribbons and baby breath. I cut the stems with a knife, put flowers together, tied them with ribbons. Done! It cost me only $25 versus $200-$300. You can see how pretty my bouquet was on the picture above (my Hawaiian wedding picture).

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