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Wedding Tips: Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Personal

wedding planning tipsIt’s easy for brides and grooms-to-be to get swept up in the ideas of friends and family when it comes to planning their nuptials, so they must make sure their voice is heard.

Remember, it’s your big day, so read on to hear how you could create a wedding that is special to you and your loved one.

Wedding Tips #1. Small Wedding Venue

Tying the knot in an intimate venue is a great way of sharing an experience with the people that are closest to you and and ensuring everyone is able to hear the vows that are being exchanged. It also means you won’t feel pressured to invite more distant acquaintances. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of fantastic locations that offer their services to smaller parties, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the ideal place to have your perfect wedding.

The whole experience will be far more cosy and relaxed, while you’ll have the chance to mingle with all your guests – click here for more information.

Wedding Tips #2. Signature Cocktail

Instead of providing your guests with Champagne or other sparkling wines at your evening reception, it might be a nice touch to offer them you and your partner’s favourite tipples.

It’s your celebration, so if you want to break away from tradition and drink your favourite beverage, then you should be allowed to do so.

You could even dream up a signature cocktail – and give it a fun, daring name – that people will have never tried before, as creating a drink that can only be linked to your nuptials will make it even more memorable.

Wedding Tips #3. Bespoke Clothing

It may be traditional for brides to wear white at their wedding, but there are lots of gorgeous designs out there that come in a variety of colours and styles. Quirkier brides are likely to want to wear a garment that suits their personality, rather than a stereotype.

Similarly, the groom shouldn’t feel he has to wear a tuxedo – engaged couples should decide between them what they want the dress code for their ceremony to be and if it feels right for them, more casual attire could be adopted.

Wedding Tips #4. Devise the Menu

Many venues will offer you the chance to eat from their own specialised menu, but in order for your wedding to represent you and your partner’s tastes, why not devise your own meal choices based on your favourite foods.

Along with your guests, you’ll be sitting down to eat the wedding dinner, so it needs to be something you really enjoy. Regardless of whether your favourite meal is fish and chips or caviar, your wedding will be more personal to you if the food you most want to eat is served up.

Wedding Tips #5. Family Photos

For a nostalgic touch, you could create a centrepiece featuring old photos showing either your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding and these could be distributed across the dining tables for guests to peruse.

This is a lovely way of sharing memories with your loved ones and will make for a great talking point over the wedding banquet, while it involves the ones you love in your big day to make it that little bit more personal and unique.

What are your wedding tips on how make it a wonderful and intimate venue? Please share your thoughts with us!

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2 Responses to “Wedding Tips: Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Personal”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Wedding planning can become really stressful. That’s why it is nice to have a family that can help you with it, but sometimes they will want to make all the decisions for you. Great wedding tips, by the way!

  2. Elena Says:

    That is true Rachel. Family’s help is always appreciated as long as they don’t try to make you do things their way. Thanks for stopping by!

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