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Would You Like to Have a Better Memory Naturally?

The human brain is a wonder and contains about 100 billion neurons. Every second, your brain receives about 100 million messages (transmitted by different sources) with the ability to sort and send signals to other organs. Your brain is capable of storing billions of times more information than a computer. It is the most impressive, the most complex and powerful organ in your body.

Despite scientific invention and discoveries, the brain remains a mystery. However, the brain can experience certain disorders, among which memory loss is the most common. This article details the natural means to improve your memory capacity and concentration.

Some memory problems are resulted from other medical conditions. Those conditions must be treated before you can find a complete solution to your memory loss. However, in other circumstances, your memory problem can be resolved by natural means. Here are some effective tips to help you have a better memory.

Train your brain.  The brain, like all other muscles, is made to work if you do not use it, you will eventually lose it. Practice it often to help it keep its capacity. If possible, participate in games that can develop your intellect, chess, scrabble, etc. It is shown in several studies that people who during their youth, made advanced scientific studies have less risk of developing amnesia.

Exercise. As in the prevention of any disease, regular exercise is important to improve the functioning of your memory. Your body needs physical activities to function properly. Not only physical activity helps the cells of the brain to assimilate the nutriments they need, but also help them to better eliminate toxins accumulated in your brain.

Make Yourself Social. Social isolation may decrease your brain performance. Social exclusion can reduce the performance of the brain according to a study conducted by a group of researchers at the San Diego State University. Whenever, make yourself socially active, participate in games, go out with friends, try to learn new things, read and meditate on the Bible, etc. those things, although often neglected, are powerful tools to help you have a better memory.

Get a Good Night Sleep on a regular basis. After decades of controversial, it is now confirmed that sleep plays a positive role on memory concentration. A study by Harvard Medical School has shown a positive link between good sleep and the ability to remains focus. That is, better sleep better memory. People who sleep on a regular interval or before undergoing an exam perform much better.

In addition, if possible, ventilate your home or place of work to promote the oxygenation of your brain cells; this increases 10 to 20% the performance of your brain activities (studies and concentration). Drink plenty of fluids, avoid tobacco and alcohol, which decrease concentration and alertness.

Healthy Diet. It is crucial to eat a healthy diet containing foods rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and DHA (a fatty acid that facilitates the release of neurotransmitters).

Other supplements like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium (found in the milk, cheese, bread, vegetables, etc.) and B complex vitamins (found in wheat germ, brewer’s yeast, yogurt …) are necessary to help you have an active brain. Your brain needs a variety of substances (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids) to function effectively.

A Simply lack of these substances can cause an imbalance or memory loss. Hence, the need to consume dietary supplements is crucial for the proper functioning of your memory. However, taking these substances in a diet can be difficult. Feed your brain with brain supplements that really work.

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